Help with Animal Kingdom hours in August 2017

Does anybody know why Animal Kingdom is closing at 7 in August. We will not be able to see any of the evening attractions. We wanted to experience River of lights and all of the Avatar attractions. Aren’t these outdoor attractions and it needs to be dark or am I wrong?

It’s entirely possible that the hours will change. I’m also going in August, so I expect that the hours for all the parks may shift some between now and then. I’m looking forward to RoL though, so I hope it sorts out quickly!

Since Pandora will be open and Rivers of Light the park hours will definitely be extended.

They’re showing 10pm for July, so I’m sure they will be similar for August.

They just released later hours for April the other day, don’t worry AK will be open later. They just don’t always make those changes in a timely fashion. Look at last years hours on the crowd calendar, and plan for those.

The August park hours for Animal Kingdom were just updated. Looks like AK will be closing at 9:30 pm every night instead of 7:00 pm.

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