Help with ADR booking order

ADR day quickly approaching. I’m wanting the following but not sure what order should try to grab them. All Dinners could be switched out for each other/different days. Any help/advice appreciated - Thanks Liners!

Arrival Day1: HBD F!pkg Noon; Sci-Fi 600PM (or just sci-fi, we can’t decide :confused:
Day2:PPO GG; Ohana after 630PM
Day3: Cali Grill after 630PM (hoping for EMM to open this day)
Day4:Tusker 1030AM; Tiffins ROL pkg 5PM
Day5: Coral Reef Lunch - Whispering Canyon Dinner
Day6:Ohana Breakfast 730/8; Narcoosees after 6
Departing Day7: Sanaa or Homecoming or Boathouse

You’ve got a great line up. When I have been able to log on exactly on time, I have gotten everything I wanted within about 1 hr of my desired time. Then use the reservation finder to help find better time slots.

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Out of what you have listed, I would do Ohana dinner first, Cali Grill, and then PPO breakfast.

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Before booking opens on ADR day, open up a separate browser window for each reservation you want to make and get them all set to go. Then when reservations open up, you toggle through each window and push it on to the next step of the process - this way you are making your reservations almost simultaneously instead of sequentially.


You have some great choices. Random thoughts: is hbd at noon and then sci-fi at 6 too much food in just a few hours? It would be for us. Also I’ve heard that F! package often doesn’t load at 180 days—we did last spring break but added it after the 180 day mark but I’m not sure when.

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You do have a great line up and as others have said you should be good at the 180 day mark to get everything you want. I agree with @momfourmonkeys I would not do both on same day so close together. If you want the F!pkg then drop the sci-fi. The only one on your list that I wouldn’t do is Coral Reef. We have given it the old College try but it is so hit or miss that I can’t ever recommend it. The atmosphere is great but food is horrible more times than not, especially with so many other great choices in Epcot, just my 2 cents

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Thank you for tip. do you find one browser works better than another for this? Chrome? Edge?

Thanks! My crew specifically requested Coral Reef. They love the atomosphere and we really did have good food in 2016. Hope we aren’t too disappointed this year. :frowning:

I am concerned about the HS day too. Last time we did Sci-Fi for lunch and then were not even close to being hungry for HBD dinner? My son really wants to go back to sci-fi - so if dropping one, will probably drop HBD, eventhough been wanting to do that every trip and never seem to make it there.

Chrome works better than Edge for pretty much anything. :slight_smile:

Except for the Disneyland website. WDW works fine, but I was trying to plan my upcoming cali trip and I was getting multiple stitches a day on chrome. As a frustrated last resort I used edge on the off chance and no problems. But it works perfectly. So weird

Despite less than stellar reviews, we’ve been to CR 3 times and every time have had good food (not crave-worthy but yummy food with a great view). I will say that every single time we’ve been, we have had a long wait for our table with an ADR (once was an hour but we were too tired to walk somewhere else for our meal). Tried both late and early times. I think they must overbook or underestimate how long it takes to turn over a table.