Help with a HS/MK split day

Newbie here. Please help! Due to GE opening, we switched around our plan of attack and are now starting with a day at HS in the morning and then MK in the afternoon. We will have another full day at MK later in our trip.

Experts, at which park should we plan to use our 3 fast passes? Do we use them at HS and hope we can get some extras for MK? Should we save them for MK for BTMR or 7DMT? If we use them at HS what rides can we actually accomplish at MK without fast passes or rope drop?

In case more information is useful, we are a party of 4 with two 8 year olds. As a group we have zero interest in meeting characters, and lots of interest in roller coasters :wink:


Welcome! I think you’re better off booking your FPs for MK if you want to hit the roller coasters. If you rope drop HS you can probably hit SDD then RoR and ToT without FPs and wating in relatively short lines. It won’t be likely you’ll get a same day FP for SDMT and although it may be possible, I wouldnt count on it for BTMR and SM either. Just my two cents :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks so much for the advice.

I think that’s the right plan. Here’s hoping we can get some MK fast passes for that day!!!

We have a trip booked for September too, and I’m slightly reluctant to book FPs for HS with Galaxy’s Edge opening early. We got an email advising that having a ticket does not guarantee entry to HS… I’d hate to lose out on better FPs 60 days out at another park if HS is at capacity when we arrive. We’re probably going to have to switch our park days around to ensure we can RD at HS.