Help wanted: My FL native aunt is wanting to join us for one day of our trip. There's no park availability left

Anyone not using an AK park reservation 5/22? Other advice? (here’s what I’ve tried: 1. calling Disney, 2. lurking on the PAR website) Last time we were down there, she missed Animal Kingdom to stay back and take care of my sick son at the hotel. I’d love to bless her with a day in the parks with us!

AK is showing availability on the 22nd.

If you add her to your hotel (if you can) does that help anything?

ETA: they upped capacity - not sure if this affected residents though

and if you have a ticket sign in and click on the park to reserve it even if the calendar says no availability. Yesterday both AK and EC were grayed out but I could get a pk res

it only effects ticket types

Don’t resort guests have a particular pool of APRs that might be different than resident tickets? That was my thought - pretty sure AP holders get better options if they are staying on property.

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There are different pools APs cannot book it. She would need a one day ticket or to be put on the reservation.