Help w/ SDFPP question

So I really try to understand all the permutations of pre-booked and same day FPP, but I’m not sure if this scenario is OK. Say I pre-book a 2:30 FoP (and nothing else that day), then I go to Epcot that morning and book 2 SDFP and use them (ex MS at 9 and SE at 10). Can I try for another FoP after I use my first one at 2:30? I’m thinking no, but I get so confused!

If you pre-book just one, you have to tap in for that before you can book the same day FPs as your remaining initial ones.

So you would need to wait until after using the FoP one before booking numbers 2&3. Then you could look for another FoP.

But you cannot do what you suggest.


Pretty sure you would have to use the 2 others - either in AK or another park - before you could look for another FOP. You cannot just book one FOP, use it, and look for another FOP.

(Unless I misread what you said. If so, I apologize.)

OP wanted to book number 2&3 before their FoP pre-booked one. Making FoP no. 3. That isn’t allowed.

Ah. Gotcha.

Wait… If they are booking in AK they can have 2 before FOP. I booked my FOP first and it is for 4:55 then booked one (Mickey and Minnie photo) for 9:20 and one (Safari) for early afternoon.

But correct that they could not book FOP and then book earlier ones in another park.

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Which is what they asked about, and what I responded to.

My apologies. It was a confusing thread.