Help using touring plans

We’re leaving to WDW in 5 days. I want to take advantage of the already made touring plans. I’m getting confused with the optimizer. We’re going for the last day of Star wars weekend and I want to use the plan but it has a note that says not to copy or run through optimizer. How do I add these plans to my dashboard so I can have it all in onone place. Or is there something else to do with the premade plans? The website is confusing me. Thanks!


The Star Wars Weekends touring plans have custom steps that are not “normal” steps that you can add.

If you have the time, try making a copy, customizing it, and optimizing it. You may have to fudge some items if you make your own version.

Fudging: For example, I’ll sometimes add a “Meal” at a location near where I want to stand to see the parade or fireworks, so that the optimizer can put me at that approximate location at the right time. You may find this kind of thing is necessary if you’re customizing.

My recommendation is to go with the touring plan as it is – print it out or cut and past the printable version, and do a “general” plan for the day.

Thank you. So the available plans are just for printing and don’t go into the dashboard? I was hoping to not have to carry paper around the parks and just have our itinerary on the app. Is that possible?

Not sure how to get it onto the dashboard. If you need a digital copy, perhaps just bookmark it and add the bookmark to your phone’s “desktop” or copy the text into a notepad on your device.

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Open the TP. Make a copy. Click the “Edit” button, give it a name, and select the date you will be going. Then hit save. Go to the bottom and hit “optimize”, and it should give you a “final” plan. Print it if you want to. The next time you open your dashboard, it should automatically populate for the date selected.

OK, I just followed the steps I listed above and I found one error. Being a “special” TP, it will not allow you to optimize - but you can still name it and enter your date. I then went to my dashboard and created a “test” trip to include that date, and the TP did auto-populate.