Help using Room Finder Tool

I am having trouble with the room finder tool. Not quite sure what I’m doing wrong. I put in the dates that I have a reservation for and the type of room, and then pretty much just check the touring plans recommendation button. It says there are no rooms available. Not sure how else to use this tool to get room recommendations. I have never been to WDW, and can’t imagine guessing at thousands of rooms and looking at photos, and reading the descriptions to decide if I would like that room. I must be doing something wrong. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

My guess is that you have “Touring plans picks” checked off. You need to uncheck that. That will then highlight the building. Click on the red building, and then cells will be highlighted. Click on each cell for the view .

Thanks so much. I think I am getting it now.

I couldn’t find it earlier but this thread has my screen shots


thanks so much

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