Help us name our 15 person family trip! Liner HELP needed!


We need Liner help!!!!! We have a family trip booked for June 2015...we want suggestions on a name for the trip. The family name is Bajorek and we are staying at AKL Jambo DVC. Please help, we'll even take suggestions for a logo. Sounds silly, but, we are stumped!


Bajorek Herd Disney Migration 2015


Lol I love that!



Bajorek does Disney

The Bajorek 15 (on front of shirt) (on back of shirt each person will have a number from 1-15 with title above it. Like an athlete's shirt would be. So grandpa with a big number 1 in middle of back of shirt)


Trekin with the Bajorek's!


Ba Jambo Bajoreks!


Wife's idea, Bajorek "World" Tour, with dates and park we'll be in on the the old rock t-shirts. What do you think?


That would be awesome!!


I love the world tour!


That's great. All of our family vacations are called FFF (forced family fun)


What about "My Bajorek Experience" ?


Can you tell us how this name is pronounced? I might have to get in on this!


Just like its spelled...


Suicide is Painless


I like the world tour dates!