Help - Universal Gift Cards and buying park tickets

Hard lesson learned - bought $1,250 worth of Universal gift cards on-line for my son and his family as a Christmas gift, specifically to help him purchase his family’s park tickets.
Just found out they can’t be used to buy tickets on-line
I called and confirmed that and was told they can be used to by them at the gate “day of”. I also asked if the “buy 2 days, get 2 free” promo would be available there and the phone rep told me they would, through the promotion purchase end date of Feb 1. (My son is planning to go in late January.) The rep also told me they could be purchased with the gift cards at the Royal Pacific Hotel where my son will be staying.
My two questions to you guys are:
— Has anyone ever done this, and it worked? Want to confirm they accept the gift cards for payment.
— Anyone confirm that you can get the “buy 2, get 2 free” promo at the gate or hotel AND FOR THE SAME PRICE as on-line?

What you were told seems correct and hopefully the promotional ticket is available on site too. Any hotel desk planning center can do the same thing as GS at the gates.

You can also use Universal gift cards to pay the balance of a hotel room. In person I assume.

Thanks for taking the time to respond and send this. Key question still remaining though- do you know if the prices at the gate or a service desk on site will be the same as those on-line?

If not the same, very similar. Not enough difference to worry too much about.

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