Help Understanding Crowd Calendar Information

Good afternoon! I need some help understanding the information that is on each day in the Daily Crowd Calendar. I understand (and appreciate) that much of the information is based on what TP expects to happen. Here is the essence of my question, and I’ll use Hollywood Studios as an example. Our (awesome) trip will be Dec 11-17. In the crowd calendar, very few days have Fantasmic! listed for those dates. The actual park calendar on the WDW site lists Fantasmic as happening every day. The TP Crowd Calendars also mention Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam on some dates with no mention on the WDW calendar. The same is partially true for the Wonderful World of Animation show. I’d appreciate any advice on reconciling this. Seeing Fantasmic is a very high priority, If the TP site is more reliable, I need to change my plans. Thanks in advance for any thoughts you’d take the time to share. :slight_smile:

Welcome! Feel free to ask any and all questions. Folks here will try to answer them.

Any time you see discrepancies between what is on the official WDW site and the TP site, always go with WDW. Sometimes TP has not updated their times or other details. Sometimes Disney is slow to release official times for attractions or entertainment, plus they frequently update their hours. TP has to try to keep up with all the ongoing changes.

If you see a discrepancy, you can drop an email to . You will get an automatic reply that acknowledges receipt of your email, but then a day or so later, someone on their staff will respond personally and look into the situation.

During December, there are a few nights that HS has a paid event, Jollywood Nights, after the park closes. Disney has made sure to schedule F! each night at times the day guests can see it. You will get your chance! Jingle Bell, Jingle Jam will be showing only during the JN party. If TP has it on other days, they maybe are going by last year’s info. Disney has not yet released details on the time for JBJB and other party doings.

Good catch. Not sure what’s going on with the TP crowd calendar. It usually is pretty up to date, but it appears that numerous weeks of info has not been updated. Maybe @fred can help or maybe this is the new norm?

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Welcome, @okdukes!
I have a crowd calendar question for same approx time too so I’ll tag on.
On 12-10 HS is listed as crowd level 8. They are closing early at 7 PM for a private party. However, when I look at dining availability it is crazy wide open including Oga’s and Roundup Rodeo. Is it possible the crowd level will be less than 8 that day? Or is it likely to still be level 8 but there is some other anomaly going on?

Looking at this now. Thanks for the info!

In a related fashion, I noticed that when making our March 1 EP plan, it allowed me to add Luminous to the plan…but when I tried to evaluate the times, I got an error saying Luminous isn’t available.