Help! Two new things I haven’t done before

I seem to have just added an extra pair onto our trip for spring break, our neighbor and her DS are coming too! Excited about that, but it brings a twist to my planning. I can set her up with her MDE account and link to mine. But, if her DS is on her account and doesn’t have his own, how do I link him to my account also?

Also, we are planning on a day at Blizzard Beach which we have never done before. I’d rather wait to buy tickets until right before in case anything happens and we change our plans. Is there any reason to buy water park tickets in advance?

When you share accounts with someone, it usually shares their whole party, or at least there is probably an option on their end who to allow you to access. At least that has been my experience on the receiving end.

Not really. Even if you are adding park hopper plus it’s better to add only when you’re sure you’re going. (There may be a gate price difference but I think PHP is the same price regardless.)

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Thank you!

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Answering my own question here in case it can help someone else…as far as linking others via MDE. I found that if I sent an email invitation to my friend to link, it ONLY linked her, not her son. However, if I linked via resort confirmation # I was able to link everyone on her reservation. Not sure then how one would link a child staying offsite from someone else’s MDE?

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My cousin and I have gotten all our kids linked but its a lot of requesting on both sides.