Help TouringPlans decide on the best way to display WDW price quotes

I like option one but it definitely needs links to info about different tickets and dining plans.

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Looking over the results so far, it seems to be a mixed bag of answers. But I can understand why.

Personally, I like the simple, give me the final total beauty of option 1. Option 2 makes me work for the info too much, including having to do the math all myself.

But I think you could easily do both. Have the option 1 summary, but then below it have the break-outs of information that people want to see for option 2.

You could also make the Option 1 table a little nicer in terms of calculations if the difference pricing is more tabular instead of parens, and perhaps uses color to indicate if it is more or less expensive. Red would indicate it is MORE expensive, for example, and green or blue is less expensive.

You might even be able to include the pricing differential of the dining plan next to the dining plan itself in each table (for option 1). So, you might see: “Dining Plan: Quick Service (+$960)

I was thinking this too. I feel like Option #1 gives a nice summary and should be the focus, but Option #2 seems to lay out the breakdown.