Help TouringPlans decide on the best way to display WDW price quotes

Hi everyone!

As some of you know, TouringPlans is very, very shortly announcing that we are a fully-functional Travel Agency to Disney World and… well, anywhere else. I’ll post here when the web page is active (again, soon!) but for now if you want to quote or book anything you can email the fabulous Annette Jackson at

Anyway, that isn’t actually the point of this post. We’re still working on the best way to display price options to potential WDW clients. Below are two versions and I would like you to tell me what you like best. For both options, the numbers next to the room types are the price for the entire vacation. (Also, the quote would, in most cases, contain more than one hotel. The below is an example.) (Oh, and the numbers are not necessarily accurate.)

Option 1: This directly compares the costs of different ticket days, and shows no dining plan in the top chart, the QS dining plan in the lower. Other information like different ticket types (Water Parks, Park Hopper Plus, etc) are not displayed.

Option 2: This one is a little more spread out, with the hotel, tickets,and dining plan as it’s own separate charts.

Version1 Version1-b



Option 1. Hands down.

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I agree, option 1 for sure! Much clearer. I also assume this quote would be shown after an explanation (if needed) of different ticket types and dining plans.

Option 2. I like having things separate. This option looks more like how I price my trips on my own… so maybe that is why I gravitate towards it.

I also like 2


Option 2: I think seeing the savings/additional cost for add-ons is great!

Option 2, but with the default being 5 days, no dining plan, no hopper and the table being only for upgrades. ‘Included’ is a bit confusing.

I like Option 1 no question as well - a one stop shop table makes it easier for me to compare at a glance.

But: I find the 6-5-7 day order in that table is confusing.


I like 2 because it shows me potential upgrades or savings without having to go back-and-forth with the agent.

One item that stuck out to me on option 1 is that the intro text says “prices below include” 5 days of dining plan but then the first prices you see don’t include the DP. They’re there in the second chart but it seemed odd.

I like option 1 but I would like to see a 5, 6, 7 day order rather than a 6, 5, 7 day order. Its just the way Im wired though!


I like them both and would be happy with either.

The more I look at them, option one is what I am leaning towards. I would like the hyperlinks from option 2 put into option 1. That would reduce the back and forth conversation.

I am also assuming you would have 3rd, 4th and 5th table in option one for the Standard, Plus and Deluxe Dining Plans.

YOu could keep the park ticket days in numerical order like other have suggested, but I would either Bold or Italicise or somehow highlight that the 6-day park ticket is the basis of the quote.

Option 1. All the info in one place.

I prefer option 1.

Option 2 is how I’d think of a vacation. What if this is changed. How much difference does that make.

When planning for big family groups, I’m always told “just give me a price”.

Huh? :astonished: How can you not want it broken down into all the different variables ?

Is it possible to have a OCD button?

For those folk who want more than option 1.

#1 fer sure

I like #1, but I’d rather have the table display prices with different dining plans instead of room categories.

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I would be ok with either. I find option 2 to need more careful study, option 1 seems a little easier to understand.
For option 1, I would like a chart showing costs for the DDP.
Option 2 gives more information with the various choices.

I agree for #1 I would want to see charts for each dining plan. You might skip the deluxe but if they bring back 4 plans, at least 3.

#2 would work for me BUT you are counting on clients to interpret and add the different components to understand the final cost. I am afraid that that could create misunderstandings and conflict.

Definitely option #1. Will you also put in the Park Hopper option? Also it would be nice to see the price without tickets for AP holders.