HELP! T-24 and I have Questions!

I’m so not ready for this trip! I don’t have daily TPs!

  1. If we have MagicBands, do we need MagicMobile?

  2. What time do the parking lots open at the parks? 90 minutes before?

  3. This is our first visit with Genie+. We have “pinned” our priority LLs for each day by selecting them in the My Day tab. I presume that these “pinned” attractions will show up at the top of my Tip Board on that day?

  4. Should we count down to 7 am like we did for RISE and other virtual queues?

  5. Is there a tutorial on using Genie+ at 7 am like there was for RISE?

  6. How do you do your TPs without some set times for attractions? Do you just have overall plans? That’s what we do for DLR but LLs are not that hard to get at DLR!

  1. No.
  2. Yes
  3. Not totally necessary. I found it was variable whether I could actually start booking anything at 7am or 7:01am.

You can’t actually see return times on the TIP Board, so you just have to see what return time you get. Grab the time you get, then be ready at 7:15 (I think it was actually 7:17) to modify and see if you can get a better time. It really is true the times can jump from 4pm back to 10am.

Sometimes I had to go to the My Day page to be able to modify.

  1. I read the Everything Genie+ thread, post 1 and then the first post of the La Cava thread.

  2. Truth be told I had about 3 plans done. And genuinely didn’t really use them at all. I knew what our priorities were and we took it from there.

I watched Becky’s tutorials on using G+ in each park and it was travel day! Too late to be worrying about it then.

In that sense we had a more relaxed trip than before, and we made G+ work. Even though I didn’t like it. I hated not being in control like I was with FP+ , I hated not knowing how it work out. But once I’d used it I relaxed. Every day I had a 7am target ride, after that sometimes I booked another major ride, other times we just booked what was available in the area of the park we were in.


Have you read the first post in this thread yet?

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Thank you for sharing that a WDW trip can be relaxing!

I had 3 trips to DLR on Genie+. I had overall plans and used Genie+ like you used it. It wasn’t that stressful but we were on our phones almost constantly!

Everything I have heard about Genie+ at WDW is stressing me out! Not having TPs for WDW is already a weird feeling.

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Yes. But I’m stressing over the actual use of Genie+ at WDW because that 7 am LL seems to determine how my day will be!

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The main things that are different from DL:

  • You can make LL reservations at 7am rather than having to wait until you enter the park
  • Hopping is at 2pm rather than 1pm (soon to be 11am) and you have to wait till return times advance past 2pm in order to book at your hopping park rather than G+ automatically giving you a later time.

You can do this! You’re a veteran.


Thank you for your confidence in me!

Would I be better off not doing TPs like I did for my previous WDW trips? Just book according to the priority list in your Genie+ thread and go with the flow?


I would use a TP to roughly sketch out what you want to accomplish on each day in each chunk of time. But you do have to be a little flexible based on what LL you are able to get for what times. At the end of the day, you should be able to accomplish everything with either RD, LL, late night, or just plain waiting in line as long as you have a buffer in your plan and have reasonable expectations of what you can accomplish each day.


I have a Type A- personality! And that is better than before kids when I was a Type A+ personality!

This is helpful. Taking a deep breathe here… If the ride doesn’t go down for a long time, you are absolutely right. We aren’t planning to do it all this trip. But of course we want to do almost all of the headliners!


Could you give me an example of this?

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Like, I usually divide up MK into different chunks. Say one morning I will do Adventureland + Frontierland + Liberty Square and then take a break after lunch. I then decide which attractions I want to do:

  • HM
  • JC
  • Splash
  • Pirates

Then I decide one to RD (in this case, none of these rides are usually open during EE, so let’s just use regular RD). I decide which one is my first LL. Then I have a rough idea what my second or third LL would be if I am able.

So maybe I RD JC, LL Splash. I would then play it more or less by ear, but my rough sketch would likely be:

  1. 7am - get LL for Splash
  2. RD JC
  3. Ride HM
  4. Ride Pirates
  5. Use LL for Splash, get LL for BTMRR
  6. Get lunch
  7. Use LL for BTMMR, get LL for afternoon
  8. Leave MK for break

I could adjust these steps as needed, i.e., if HM line was longer than I like, I would go to Pirates first. Or if I was lucky enough to get an early LL for Splash, I might have time to get a third LL for HM. Etc.


I see. This is similar to my big picture planning for DLR. I think the 7 am thing just made me anxious and messing with my head. Thanks!

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Yes! It’s really the same concept. Don’t let it get to your head.

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Another question:

For the Comic Virtual Queue, is it necessary for DH and I to both try at 7 AM or should one of try for the Virtual Queue and the other get LL for Remy?

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One for VQ and one for Remy. I highly recommend BG1 for both! Have you read up on that yet? It’s just a spiffier interface that makes the process smoother.


Yes and my eyes have glazed over BG1! :scream: I suppose I should study it some more. I do have 4 tries for the VQ but I much rather get it on the first try!


Don’t study it. Just download it. It takes 10 minutes and is easy as pie. The instructions are much more daunting than it actually is.


I was having a panic attack the night before we left because I hadn’t got touring plans for each day. I think I had one for each park, but for example the DHS one was for the extended evening hours.

I felt so unprepared. The reality is though that everything I’d learned from here was enough to get me through. I did use the TIP board to list the things I wanted to do that day. And yes, there were times I was on my phone trying to check return times and modify, or having to ask DS to try if I didn’t have wifi. But overall we weren’t slaves to a plan at all.

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