Help? Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party Viewing Area

How is the viewing area for Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular dessert party? Can everyone see including children? Has anyone experienced this event from the back of the roped of viewing area?

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There is a special area in the front for the children.

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The reserved area is great; you definitely feel “in the middle of it”. Although the dessert-eating portion of the night felt crowded, the viewing area did not. We were toward the back of the reserved area and there was plenty of room to see over heads.


Thank you very much for the information!

When I first read your reply, I thought you said, “There is a special area in front of the children.” I knew that couldn’t be right, so I had to re-read it.:sweat_smile:

I agree with everyone here that it is a great viewing area. I’ve heard some say that it’s not the “perfect” spot, but we were able to see everything just fine.


Did you end up doing the Star Wars dessert experience? I have 2 kids 8 & 9 and did the viewing work of for the kids? Was the desserts good? And they serve alcohol or is that extra? Trying to figure out if its worth the $250 or use the money for another experience at the parks - input is appreciated :slight_smile:

I have done it in the past. I will hope someone that has done it recently will respond since I think there have been changes since I did it. The one question I can answer is that the alcohol is included in the price.

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Thank u for responding back 2 me. Its my 1st time using this forum :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum!

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thx - this is a great website to make plans! Love it

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I did it 1st week of Nov. If you stand in the back of the viewing area, you’ll probably have a great view of everything. We stood in front, on the railing, and missed some of the sights on the edges, but not even enough to consider moving back. Our viewing was not crowded at all, even though the inside portion had most tables full, and the folks from the early tour filtered in as well.

Think of everything you are paying for to justify the cost:

Great, uncrowded viewing area. (Might be great benefit for the kids. They won’t be blocked by anyone)

We made it a meal, very easily. There are several savory options. I basically made pita/hummus/italian cured meat sandwiches, before getting my fill of desserts.

The frozen nutella thing, while kinda bland, is a cool thing to watch.

The meet and greets with no wait.

Launch bay to check out

Storm Troopers roaming the party, that will crack you up, and take pix whenever you ask.

Souvenir lanyards, and mugs.

Alchol included. A few diff beers, and mixed drinks, and a few wines.

If you are sw fans, it’s a pretty good value. Make it a meal, guzzle the booze, take advantage of the time saving meet/greets, get lots of pix with the storm troopers, and the kids won’t be staring at the back of ppls heads during the show.


Seebee thank you this is exactly what I was looking for! We are big time SW fans and this seems like a great experience for the entire family!!! Thx again

I will tell you this:

If you really analyze the “extras,” you can usually find value. Paying for these types of extras seems crazy, on top of park tickets, but if an “extra” interests you, they can really be worth it. The cm’s working these things seem to have been asked to be VERY helpful and extra cheery. Emm’s, dessert parties, special tours, cruises, etc. All I’ve done, were very much worth the cost. Seems wdw really aims to please with these, probably helps with gaining momentum, and repeat business. The sw party, is one of the better dessert parties.


I booked it!!! :smile: I wanted to thank everyone for your help and input! I really appreciate it. Have a great rest of the day

Make sure everyone is hungry and thirsty when you get there!

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