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First off I have really enjoyed reading all your posts and trip reports. I subscribed to TP for our first and only :slight_smile: Disney trip two years ago but never visited the formum. Now I, DH, DD10 and DS8 are booked at Poly for 7 nights in June '15. In looking at prices though I can stay 6 nights at a Mod and 3 nights at Poly for same price! Dont know if I should switch to a Mod - is it that big of difference? In '13 we stayed at CR and loved being on monorail. I know all this is subjective but I’ve come to respect your opinions. If I do go longer and stay Mod I’m leaning toward POR preferred room but just dont know. Thank you to anyone who wants to chime in!

I think it depends on what you get out of a deluxe resort. Do you spend a lot of time there? Do you enjoy the pools and it’s additional features or would a pool with a water slide be sufficient? I think the biggest drawback is probably the fact that you’ll no longer be staying on the monorail, so you’ll need to add a little time to bus to MK, but that’s true at some other deluxe resorts as well.

Have you considered maybe a royal room at POR? They are located in the two mansion buildings closest to the main building so it’s like having a preferred room with a bit nicer amenities. Lots of liners have reported they have boys and they loved them. The rooms aren’t over the top princess.

Have you considered renting DVC points? You can’t do that at Poly yet, but you might be able to get a Savannah view room at AKL, or one of the Epcot resorts for around the same price or even less than staying in a mod.

Personally I say whatever can make your trip longer and more relaxed is the way to go but really it comes down to what will work best for your family.

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I love split stays for the reasons that it can allow someone to either stay longer or try out a deluxe without breaking the bank.

Mod rooms are a tad smaller than deluxe. And most use the bus system to get around the parks (whereas the deluxes may have boats or monorail access).

I love POFQ. It’s not as expansive as POR and to me feels like Deluxe. Friends have also extolled the virtues of Coronado springs. There’s nothing wrong with POR preferred either.

Enjoy your extra time in Disney! Good luck with your choices!

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Thank you so much for the feedback!! I am definately going to look into renting DVC points, Royal rooms and POFQ. I don’t think we will miss the monorail too much. We obviously took bus to HS and AK last time and the kids are a bit older now. I like the idea of being able to add some nonpark and afternoon breaks into our schedule. Is it hard to get your luggage from one resort to another though?

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Not hard at all. Just call bell services (give yourself some time for this though) and they’ll come to your room. Tell them you are switching resorts. They will tag your luggage and bring it to your next resort for you. It will be a few hours. So usually, I do this in the morning, before heading to the parks.

By the time I get back (usually), my luggage is at the new resort’s bell services. I check in there and bell services helps bring it to my room.

ETA: if you’re doing this before heading out to the parks, be sure to call them about half hour ahead of when you think you want to leave. Sometimes they can take a while getting to your room. I’d hate for you to be “late” because of this.

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Wow! That sounds simple enough. I’m getting more convinced that a split stay more nights is the way to go. We can only vacation in June or July. A more relaxed pace will make 8-10 crowds and tropical storms easier to manage :smile:


Are you looking at prices and calculating what it will cost after a discount is announced? I agree on the spilt stay. That way you can experience two resorts during the same stay.

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Yes, think about discounts. We are stayng at YC during Spring break for a moderate rack rate. The discounts on deluxe resorts will likely be 30% and if you are vigilant, you can catch an orbits discount and stack them.

it’s so much fun to plan. Enjoy!

Until this year, I have only stayed Deluxe. We have five in the family so they are more necessary for us.

This summer I took my daughter on her own trip and we stayed in a Royal room at POR. I was so impressed. The rooms are smaller but in terms of decor, I think it is the nicest room I’ve stayed in. It is nice to be on the monorail but if you adjust your thinking, it is fine.

Good luck!

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Personally I would take the longer trip. More time in the world is a great thing. POR and POFQ are both nice. I have never done deluxe. Honestly I have only stayed on site 3 times, Once each POR, POFQ and All Stars Music. While I did enjoy the mods, I was very happy at the value my last trip.

With more days you can take time to relax and not feel guilty about it. So longer trip!