Help requesting a new room

We are en route to AOA and were just assigned a room that is two floors lower than we were hoping for. We don’t want people above us. I am planning to call to see if they can accommodate us in a different room. Any tips/suggestions on the best way to go about it? I have a pretty big list of acceptable rooms for us… thnks!

If you call your call will go to the call center. You can try but you should stop at the front desk.

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agreed. Try calling the hotel itself directly. Remember at the end of the day it will all be ok. Be NICE, CALM but FIRM with the front desk. And if possible say WHY you want the top floor as compared to “don’t like people above us.” I am a light sleeper, I have anxiety issue, I need the extra exercise using the steps. Give them a reason why they WANT to help you.

Also ask “are you the correct person that can help me - if not who should I talk to”

Always be nice, firm but also direct the conversation.

What happened in the end?

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I guess I’m curious as to why you don’t want people above you. I travel every week, and I don’t recall ever having noise problems from a room above me in a modern hotel. Lots of noise from rooms on the same floor, though :frowning:

Last month I had a long conversation with someone from Diisney after an issue with a room. Finally we landed at: how can I make sure that it would not happen the next time. First she said to call and I said I believed that if I did that it would go to a call center. She agreed it would. She said in theory that the call center could get in touch with the front desk but usually that does not happen. Finally, she told me to use her number and my reference number if I decide to return.

We are leaving today. Heard lots of noise from the room above us at POR.

Interesting - maybe I’m lucky and always end up with the light-of-foot above me. However, next to me I often get the person who thinks that you need to yell at your phone when you Skype someone,