HELP! Realistic DAW timeline EPCOT / WS

Headed to Epcot on 4/7 to Drink Around the World for DD’s 21st!
We will be at WS around noon (no way to get there earlier due to Flight & Resort Check-In)
There will be about 8 of us total … which I know slows the pace down a bit.
Starting in Mexico.
We will ride 3 Caballeros but not Frozen Ever After.
We will stop for a drink in each country and maybe do some light browsing & snacking.
Anyone ever Drink Around the World with this size group?
How long will it take us to get to Canada? Will we run out of time?
Suggestions to help us successfully get to the finish line (aka: Canada) before the park closes that day?

On 4/7, EP is currently schedule to close at 9pm. There are 11 countries, so that give you a total of 9 hours (540 minutes). I think you could safely say 40 minutes per country (440 minutes), which give you about 9 minutes between each country for walking. This does not include the ride. So, maybe knock it down to 35 minutes per country. You should be able to do that.

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