Help! Question about shows and park-hopping at Christmas at WDW

Am now trying to plot out the details of my Touring Plans, and I have an ADR at Tiffin’s for Christmas dinner, Dec. 25. I had planned on being at AK that day because it’s an EMH morning. Now I find that RoL tends not to happen on Mondays, dang it. It’s most often on T, Th, Sat., and Sun. Illuminations does tend to happen on Mondays (but not Saturdays, when I had scheduled our Epcot day), so I need your collective advice on two things: One, is it possible that for the busy Christmas week, Disney may have extra evenings scheduled of both RoL and Illuminations? And two, if they don’t schedule extra evenings for these two, should I consider trying to park-hop into the other park after dinner on both of these nights? (In other words, despite the higher crowds, is it still possible to park-hop later in the day?). Thanks so much for any advice.

I would guess that RoL and illumiNations will be scheduled every night. I never knew that illumiNations is not scheduled every night?

Oh, bother! I was only checking the “Frozen Ever After Dessert Party - IllumiNations” schedule (which isn’t every night). You’re absolutely right - the IllumiNations show itself is nightly. Well, that helps a bit! (Although I really am still interested in splurging on the Dessert Party!)

And similarly with RoL, I was looking for the Dining Package for it and not just the event itself.

But what about my question regarding park-hopping in general during the Christmas week craziness? Should I just forget about that? (I know the parks will all have larger crowds).

In the past it has always been Magic Kingdom that closes for capacity but who knows what Animal Kingdom will be like this year? If you are staying onsite and have an ADR you should be let in. I don’t know that illumiNation Dessert parties will be scheduled? For the RoL package Disney said they wouldn’t open until the schedule was set (approximately 90 days out?).

Thanks so much for this info. Very helpful!