Help please! Touring plan help for Thanksgiving week

Thanksgiving day 11/22 at MK Party of 5. DD DM DD 12 DS 8. Have Crystal Palace 11:45 Afternoon FP 210 BTR, 315 7dmt, 415 PP. We have always started day in Fantasy land but with the PP and 7dmt in afternoon, thinking of starting out adventure/frontier. I cannot do too much extra walking (recovering from achilles surgery. Several options.
Option 1: splash poc jc flying carpets hm presidents if time, lunch 1145 cp characters or country bears parade, btmr, pp 7dmt, fitting in smallworld or undersea around fps. then whatever pulling fp for what we can… buzz dumbo characters. Staying all day hours 9-11

Option 2. RD Buzz Dumbo Barnyard mermaid pooh, gaston (if time), hm, jc, poc lunch 1145 cp crowded day. is this possible. then country bears parade btr, 7dmt, pp with whatever can be squeezed in around fantasy land fps. will do splash and jc at night with fp for jc if possible.

What do you think? open for suggestions or better plans.

Sorry, don’t think I can be much help, in MK I would generally advise using your FPP as fast as possible and then trying to get more, however I think I’m going to break my own advice next time