Help please! Strategy for HS with Genie + (not staying on property)

We will be there on Saturday. I’m so stressed out! I was originally going with just my TP but now I’ve decided to purchase Genie + and (hopefully ILL for ROTR). I’m completely paralyzed by all the info and I’m hoping someone can bottom line it for me or post links to discussions that have already been posted. Traveling with husband and 2 kids ages 14 and 10. We want to do as much as possible including all Star Wars rides. I realize on property guests can book ILL at 7am, but do they ‘save’ some spots for those staying off property at 9am? I went on Genie + this morning right at 9am to test and there was nothing.
Kept refreshing for a few minutes and still nothing popped up. Is one strategy for Genie + to book the next available time for any attraction (even those that have low wait times) so you can tap in and get another? Thanks for any and all help!

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Having struggled with G+ recently myself, I can’t answer those specific questions. But, I encourage you to stick with your TP no matter what. TP was the glue that held my sanity together at HS. I ended up having a better than expected day. Even if you just use it as a loose template I think it will help.


Nope… This is the busiest time of the year for the parks and they’re just going that fast. WDW, not trying to be cynical - just honest, doesn’t care about who gets the ILL$ only that they sell as many they have as fast as they can. It’s a “bonus” to them that it’s to their resort guests because then people feel like the “have” to stay on-site.

If I am understanding what you are trying to do…this will not work. You can only book one G+ attraction every two hours OR after you use it you can book another immediately. (The thread above will clarify)

So, if you get “any available attraction” you’ll have to either go there and use it or wait two hours. If you use it, then you are still hoping that the other attractions you really want still have some availability while you had to go do that “unwanted” attraction

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Like you I have a trip coming up, likely before TP will have enough data to recommend what to get when. I’ve been pondering plans a lot lately.

If I were going to HS for the whole day, I would figure out which would be my first G+ and which would be my second G+. At 7am get the first G+. I’d add it to my TP plan using the dining placeholder hack, and optimize before I left the room and manually adjust things I felt it was needed. For ROTR, I’d watch for a ILL$$$ chance. Assume you won’t have a chance and plan to ride it standby whenever the line is predicted to be lowest. Pray that it doesn’t go down too much.
Follow your TP when you get to the park. When you can add your second G+ reservation, do so and add it to the plans in the same way as the first. By the time of your third G+ chance, you will probably have done enough already and the selection will be small enough, that it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.