Help Please--Disney Bachelorette Planning

First and foremost, thank you to everyone that posts regularly on this forum and helps others. I don’t post often, but I do search and have been stealing your advice for my trip :smiley: I really appreciate all of you wonderful people!

So, to the task at hand–I am having my Bachelorette party at Disney Sept 8th-11th and I am very excited. Growing up we went to Disney every few years, but a lot of my friends haven’t been before or haven’t been in about 20 years. My Sister, Mom and I took a younger cousin last August so I feel like we have a pretty good idea of what to do, but I would appreciate any tips! We are from Chicago and I really appreciate everyone traveling with me for this special trip and want to be sure that everyone has a great time.

There are 14 of us total. 11 twenty-somethings, 1 Mom, 2 Aunts. Everyone is active and I have been promised that we don’t have any ride fears…I don’t trust one of my Aunts there though :laughing:

Here is what I have reserved so far:

9/8: I purchased tickets to MNSSHP for the group (my thank you to them for coming). I have never been and I am excited! I hope it goes well…

9/9: Be Our Guest lunch, hoping to get to Hollywood Studios in the evening

9/10: Epcot, we read online about the drinking around the world and are going to give it a shot…has anyone done this before? We have a lunch reservation at Via Napoli too

My Sister would really like to go to some of the bars in Disney Springs or The Boardwalk. Any in particular that someone would recommend? If anyone is in the World during this time we have matching shirts, please say hello! We are a friendly group!

Again, I appreciate any and all tips! I didn’t want to have too many set in stone plans because of the size of the group. I figure we will separate at times.



What great plans! Via Napoli- wow! That could be a lot of fun!

Two of my favorite bars are in the Boardwalk Area. Crews Cup is in the YC. It is a great bar with amazing truffle fries. My favorite bar is at BlueZoo in the Dolphin. Maybe it is the really strong drinks or maybe it is just the unique offerings (especially compared to the standard Disney bar menu) but where else can you get a drink with a Swedish fish in it?


I am so jealous! How much fun is this! I second @PrincipalTinker’s suggestion of BlueZoo, swanky atmosphere and yummy drinks. We also liked the drinks at the Boathouse in Disney Springs, and we didn’t get to try Jock Linksay’s Hangar Bar, but the drinks look like fun there too. I also really recommend a stop at Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto, and make sure you tell the bartenders what you’re celebrating! That place would be a fun time for your bachelorette festivities!


I just looked BlueZoo up, it looks so cool! Thank you for the recommendation! We stayed at The Dolphin when we were kids so I think that my Mom will enjoy going back! Especially for a cocktail!

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Hi fellow Chicagoan!

I would try to fit in a monorail pub crawl as well. Sounds like it’s going to be a blast!


I absolutely second the monorail pub crawl. The bar at the California Grill is very swanky! And a beautiful view! My husband and I started our “crawl” there last year and ended up just staying.

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Don’t forget to dress up for the Halloween party too :jack_o_lantern::grinning:

Sounds wonderful!!! I hope you post some pics and a trip report.

Disney Springs – Jock Lindsey’s is great fun, and I haven’t been to Raglan Road yet but from what I hear, probably great.

Drinking around the world can be fun, just remember water! And pacing.

Are you doing MNSSHP on arrival day? If so just be careful in case people’s luggage stuck in magical-express-limbo with costumes in it!

My friend found a plan for that online, it looks awesome! I really hope to do this!! Thank you!

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I am still trying to win the costume vs no costume battle with my friends…I think if I can come up with something simple they will be on board!! Great tip on the luggage though, if we decide to do it, I don’t want to miss the opportunity with delayed luggage!

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