Help Please - Contemporary CL Sept Trip

I’m hoping someone can help me as i can’t find my answer…

Currently have Atrium Theme Park View CL. Obviously it’s closed. WDW is being a pain and won’t just lower the price to regular theme park view room.

Is there any reason to keep the Atrium CL?

Am I missing something and it will go back in 4 weeks?


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When do you go?

I feel like before there have been reports of credits given when club was closed…

Sept 20-24

So they won’t change the room now for you? That suggests they think that maybe CL will return, which I’ve seen other people say they’ve been told the same.

If it isn’t available when you go they will give you some kind of credit.

I guess it comes down to how you feel. If you’d really like CL if it’s available then hold on. Otherwise you could cancel and rebook.

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Sorry I spoke wrong.

They will change the room but won’t just reduce the price of the CL to regular room cost and keep me in the CL room.

I’d just hate to change the room and then the next day the CL come back.

Ah OK. Yep, I don’t think they would do that. They’ll move you to a different room if it doesn’t return.