Help please... Akershus pre-RD ADR

So I was just able to snag one for 8:25 on a 9 am opening. Will they let us in at 7:50? My mother is really looking forward to the Frozen ride, and she loves princesses, so I’m hoping to maybe get the ride in once with no wait and again right after with a 20-30 minute wait. Really did not expect to be able to get the ADR, just got lucky, so I haven’t had any time to research this, lol. Any other advice besides getting to the park by 7:30? Thanks!

From everything I’ve heard, I think you are correct. If you’re there early enough to enter as soon as they allow, and check in as soon as you get there, that will give you a great chance to make it happen.


Just booked an 8am ADR for 9am opening for a trip in late September 5/10 crowd level at Epcot.
That was my questions if I get to epcot by 7:30 and make our way to Norway…could we be outside at Frozen and ride without FP? Seems doable?