Help picking best lunch spot in Magic Kingdom

Just looking for some help picking a decent fast food option in The Magic Kingdom for lunch for 2 adults. There are a lot of quick service options but from experience not all are great.
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It depends what you’re after. I am rather partial to sitting at Casey’s, on a warm, sunny day, taking in the castle and the atmosphere, listening to the piano player, enjoying corn dog nuggets. Not gourmet, but definitely something special


Pecos Bill? I think the QS at MK is much worse than at HS where it gets slated. Maybe walk to the Contemporary?

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Yeah, you know, for really good food I don’t think you can have QS at MK. I don’t mind Cosmic Ray’s but it’s such an absolute zoo every single time that I’d rather not. Pinocchio’s is okay. I did LOVE my lobster roll experience at Columbia Harbor House (I think this one is often overlooked). But in large part, the best stuff is just outside the gates. Have not found a thing at Captain Cooks that I have not loved


Tomorrowland Terrace, over all…but it is never open any more when we’re there.

Cosmic Ray’s if you want to be inside…just try to hit it in the in-between hours, not at lunch. (In other words, eat at 11:00, or wait until later in the afternoon.)

Pinnochio Haus was fine, but feels more crowded than even Cosmic Ray’s.

Columbia Harbour House was fine as well.

As far as “good food”, I was surprised at how good the limited selections were at the outdoor place right across from Pecos Bill. Forget what it is called. But the fries and chicken fingers were very good (considering we’re talking about fries and chicken fingers). You got a lot of food for the money, too, so we found sharing was an option. ETA: I looked i up. The Golden Oak Outpost.

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For quick service I would go with Columbia Harbour House. The lobster roll is my favorite, and the clam chowder is delicious too! :slight_smile:


Food-wise most QS options at MK are lacking. We typically enjoy Pecos Bill’s - it’s typically an OK burger and the topping bar is decent. But it’s loud & crowded typically. Cosmic Ray’s if you sit and enjoy Sunny Delight is fun for the pure cheesiness of the experience, but the food is relatively meh. Columbia Harbor House may be the tastiest option, although as others mentioned, venturing out on the monorail loop is likely the real winner, if you are looking for quality food and can spare the time…

We like BOG the best for QS, but you do need an ADR. I like Cosmic Rays for nostalgia. If you go around 11am or around 4:30, just before most people would eat, it is not very crowded.

Mmmmm. Corn dog nuggets.

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So right. I have a real weakness for them and I rarely eat grains.

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Spot on. Seconded.

++ @OBNurseNH … Last October I grabbed lunch at the Diamond Horseshoe. It’s served family style, service was quick and there was Zero wait.

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FWIW, note that Diamond Horseshoe is only open seasonally (not sure I’ve ever noticed it open on one of our trips which may just mean I wasn’t very observant) and apparently is currently a $36 Family Style TS when it is open, although it has been QS in the past.

For my time and palate, I prefer Columbia Harbor House as my #1 choice at MK for QS, followed by Pecos Bill. PB used to be just a run-of-the-mill burger joint; since they went more to their southwest-flair menu, the quality is much better.

Columbia Harbour House is our go to QS in magic kingdom - find it reliably good and a welcome respite if you take a table upstairs.