Help! Overlapping LL reservations and 2 hour rule

At WDW this week and have meticulously planned how to use Genie + and drop schedule to maximize Lightning Lanes. I followed the rules as I understood them and was blocked from reserving a new LL after using a previous one. Want to know what I’m not getting.

Here’s the rule as I understand it: Disney Genie+ service Lightning Lane selections can only be made one at a time. You must redeem an existing Disney Genie+ service Lightning Lane selection or wait 2 hours—whichever comes first—before making another Lightning Lane entrance selection through Disney Genie+ service.

Today I made a Test Track reservation around 9am for a 7pm return time. Then at 2:48 I made a Remy LL reservation for 5p return. At 4:48, I made a Frozen LL with a 6:30p return time. At 5:15p, I rode Remy and then expected that I could then reserve Soaring, but was told I could not make another reservation till 6:48p, two hours form my last made reservation.

Why was I told I had to wait 2 hours to 6:48p when I had “redeemed an existing reservation,” which came first?

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You have to wait two hours from whatever LL reservation you made last.


So in that case your last LL was FEA at 4:48 thus the 6:48 time to make the next one.

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Or redeem your last made reservation. It is always about which one you booked most recently - 2 hours or use!


Seems that way, but doesn’t seem like that’s what the rule says. It says 2 hours or redeem an existing reservation, whichever comes first. Has the rule changed?

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I have to be honest and tell you that I’ve never read the official Disney rules. I’ve just used it enough to know that is the case and always has been for me.

Again, at 2:48p I reserved Remy for 5p return. Waited 2 hours to 4:48p and reserved Frozen for 7p. Rode Remy at 5:15p but was not allowed to make a new reservation. Was told to wait till 2 hours to 6:48p despite redeeming Remy at 5:15

Ok, how about this? I am going to reserve Big Thunder at 7am for 10am return, will ride at 10:30a and at 10:47 want to reserve Splash. Will Genie + let me or do I have to wait until 11am (2 hours after park opening) to make my next LL reservation?


That will work. You won’t have to wait until 11.

what’s the difference if you don’t mind me asking?

In that case you used the last LL that you booked and that allowed you to make another one.

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So perhaps the rule about redeeming is about redeeming the last one you made? So in my Epcot example, I redeemed Remy but it was not the last one I made, so I was not allowed to book another?

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It’s always 2 hours from the last one you booked, or immediately after you redeem the last one you booked.

I think there used to be a loophole, but it was closed very early on.


You only get to redeem (ie: choose another one) each LL once. Either when you ride it or after 2 hrs,

You redeemed your Remy LL using the 2 hr rule, by booking Frozen.

You had to wait to redeem your Frozen LL until after you rode that or waited 2 hrs.

The loophole that enabled people to redeem an LL twice (once after 2 hrs and again after riding) was closed.

What you could have done was to have booked Frozen 2 hrs after Epcot opened, say 11am. And again at 1pm you could have booked a further LL. And so on.

Edit: I find it easier to think of it this way. It comes to the same thing as the “2 hrs after or once you ride the last LL booked”. My brain just works better thinking of it as above.