Help on room decision

Hello everyone I need help deciding where to stay in June. Some might remember my daddy daughter trips over last couple of years. One to Universal and one to WDW. DD and I stayed at POR Riverside on our last trip in a royal room. DW is going to come with us on this trip :grinning:. MVT has given me good prices on multiple resorts. I’ve kinda narrowed it down to POR FQ and Beach Club. FQ would allow for DW to shop at Disney Springs if she wanted an easy day when we are running around in the parks. BC would give DD and I easy access to both EPCOT and HS. I can save close to 1000 at FQ and spend that money on extra experiences. I really need feedback and or any other suggestions. DW is really being great about this trip. It will be during my 50th birthday and only weeks after our 25th anniversary. She is agreeing to a nice chunk of our budget for this trip. I want to do as much for her in return. Should I save money with FQ to be able to spend it elsewhere or book BC so DW has a delux resort to stay at. DW says she does not care to save money but decision is mine. Please share any and all thoughts. Thank you all. And in case any of you are wondering why she is being so great about all this - two reasons 1) she is awesome and 2) we just remodeled the kitchen and put in hardwood floors that she has wanted for years. Thanks everyone I should of had this decided by now :grimacing:

I would pick POFQ. We stayed there in December, and loved it. A nice boat ride to DS, and we had no problems with using the buses to go everywhere else. The difference in money would be the final point; and with FQ you have close access to POR as well. The one minus for FQ is the lack of eating options, but all those other choices in the World are only a short bus or boat ride away. Besides…nowhere else has beignets!!

I will say FQ too. If it was just you and your daughter I might say BC (great pool and the walk to the parks) but the shopping, great CS and choice of how many pools between POR/FQ. Plus, the ability to take at least $500 of that money for shopping!

I vote FQ - DW will appreciate the shopping and if you do MK one day, maybe she can start the morning out with y’all for breakfast and then head over to the spa at the Grand Floridian (their spa is amazing!) and then continue her day with shopping. As a mom, I know that would just be a dream for me!!

Lol that’s exactly what she did the last time she came - she spent a day in the spa while Emily and I spent the day in MK she caught up with us for dinner and then fireworks

Haha! Well, that spa is pretty amazing! :smile: