Help Needed would you cancel my CRT ADR?

Hi, I´m in a dilemma and would like some advice please.

I booked an 8am CRT reservation at 180 days out because we weren´t staying on site and I was determined to get to 7DMT before the crowds as I knew I wouldn´t get on it otherwise.
Since then I have added a stay at All Sports or the 1st 5 days of our holiday so I have been able to get a 60 day FP+ for 7DMT on our MK day and we are doing the DAH Villains the same week. We will be able to do all the rides we want to on the DAH.
Would you cancel the CRT reservation? We are 2 adults, so no excited kids who are obsessed with meeting the princesses. Husband isn´t bothered about seeing the ladies. I was looking forward to it. My head says cancel and use the money for something else but my heart says it´s a once in a lifetime experience and we probably won´t get to do anything like it again.

We are doing a 21 day holiday so have another day in each park scheduled at the end of the holiday when we have another 5 day stay at All Star Music. FP day for those at 60 days out is Monday coming 6th May.
What would you do?


Do you want to dine in the Castle? Yes or No. And there’s your answer! :grinning:

It’s something I’ve never done either. A little bit of me wants to do it just once. Whether I can persuade DH and my now adult boys to join me I’m not sure. But I think I might do it myself anyway, I’m sure one of them will come with me!


If you’re looking forward to it, then keep it. You’d already planned on spending the money so you’re not losing anything by doing it.


Thanks I think I will keep it.

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I hope you get to do it. Thanks

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I did CRT on my first trip a couple of years ago. We a got a great table, by the window. I find the whole princess thing weird. The food was OK.

But you’re dining in Cindarella Castle, the centrepiece of the Magic Kingdom. Heck, the centrepiece of the entire Walt Disney corporation!

WDW is about experiences. I’m doing CRT again this summer. Sure the food at Skipper Canteen might be better and for a lunch I might go down that route. But my plan is HEA then CRT on my penultimate evening and I can’t think of anywhere better at MK for a Big Night.

I still think the princess thing is weird.

This may be a sacrilegious thing to say but when I told my husband how much it was to do CRT he said “Jeez for that money I would expect to sleep with the princesses not just meet them!!” He was kidding… I think.



Never admit how much anything costs! And maybe don’t let him get too close, just in case :joy:

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