Help needed with USF plan please!

Planning for Sunday, Dec 3rd at Universal Studios Florida. When I optimized, the plan is directing me to Minions ride first, then gives us 89 minutes of free time, then sends us to lunch. What? Go home, touring plans, you’re drunk! So then, I re-ordered everything and hit evaluate. Now it tells me that I won’t be able to do everything before the park closes. Not my first time using tp, but first time for Universal. Suggestions or advice?

Did you hit optimize multiple times in a row? I have often found that the first time out, it does something really goofy and then if I hit optimize again, it seems to fix itself. Minions is definitely where you should go first, as even with express pass, that line gets long and stays long all day.

That’s curious… would you be able to upload a screenshot of your plan?

I think Minions as a first step is a good plan? Although 89 minutes of free time usually signals not enough planned?

A big gap when you Optimize usually means that you do not have enough activities planned to fill the day. If you “publish” the plan it gives you a link you can post here for others to see.

Well, I think I fixed it! I moved lunch break from 11 to 1130 and narrowed the flexibility. Now it looks better—no more sitting around for over an hour in the morning. That was the weirdest looking plan I’d ever seen.

I have every attraction except one, a meal, parade, and a show-21 steps. I think that should be plenty. I can’t find the “publish” option, where should I be looking?

In the top section of the plan there is a 'Edit" button which takes for to the ‘EDIT Basic Info’ screen. There is a tick box there for publishing the plan. The link you then share is listed at the top of the plan.