Help needed with Universal logistics

We are optimistically planning a trip to Universal studios for Friday November 6, through Wednesday November 11th. We being, DH, myself, DD13, DD12 and DS5(needs a carseat). My first question is

  1. Our flight gets into MCO around 10:45am. For a party of 5 with 2 large suitcases, 3 carry ons and some back packs what is best mode of transportation to get to HRH. I feel like Uber and Lyft will not be large enough for our travel party and luggage.

  2. I would love to stop somewhere on the way to HRH and get a few groceries/snacks. Will HRH have a place to store my cold items if my room is not ready yet.

  3. What do I absolutely have to pack for the park if I want to avoid using lockers. We have the universal buy2 get2 park passes and I want to spend 1 day covering all the rides that require you to stow your loose items in the locker, except I don’t want to use the lockers. Also there are some rides we would have to do rider swap anyway bc of my 5 yo. So I’m thinking, I need my phone (which i can put in a spibelt) I need my room key, which is also my express pass, a credit card, License for ID purposes, some cash and my universal photo pass card? Anything else?

Thanks in advance for all you input

We’re a similar group (party of 5, flying into MCO, starting at Hard Rock) and planning our first trip.

For #1 we booked a private SUV through

It’s slightly more than an Uber/Lyft XL, but I like the idea of them being professional drivers and being able to preschedule it. It looked like many of them include a free store stop (I didn’t pay close attention because we aren’t planning on making a store stop).

Thank you very much for the link. It’s nice to have a vetted referral.

  1. From UOR HRH site:
    Airport Transportation
    Shuttle service is available for hotel guests arriving at Orlando International Airport through Destination MCO (fees apply) and can be arranged with the concierge at (407) 503-2200. The departure point from the airport is at the ground transportation area on the lower level. From the hotels, it is at the porte cochère of each hotel. Guests booking vacation packages with Universal Parks & Resorts Vacations™ may inquire about adding round-trip shuttle transportation to their vacation package prior to arrival by calling 1-800-407-4275.
  1. Not sure, you may have to use a food delivery service.

  2. Sunglasses, disposable poncho, sunscreen, wet wipes? Note, only Hulk and Rip Ride you cannot bring phone, wallet, other loose items. But, you will probably use rider swap on these.

oh i forget hat and sunglasses x 3 kids and myself…and I am usually the mule that hangs onto these items for everyone. Yikes…looks like I will need a bag. I have a small crossbody bag that i have taken with me on most disney rides and definitely on 7DMT bc we all rode that one together. So you are saying that I can have a bag with me on every ride but Hulk and Rip Ride Rock it. These 2 rides will prob just DH and maybe DD11, The rest are too scared or too short. So not a problem with bag. So essentially I would only need to stow a bag with water rides but really only if I don’t want contents of bag to get wet. Would this be correct?

Incorrect. Cross body bag, mini backpack, or drawstring bag you need a locker. Purpose of these would be to fit in a FREE locker. A larger bag would require a $2. locker. Any locker may still be inconvenient for you. Mummy, MiB, Gringotts, Forbidden Journey, Hagrids would apply here. Option would be to have everything in cargo shorts pockets with zipper, fanny packs (moved to side of body to not interfere with safety restraints).

Hulk and Rip Ride have medal detectors, so that is why basically nothing is allowed. Just a park ticket (may use lanyard) to access the lockers.

Correct, you are allowed to take a bag on the 3 water rides. But if you feel your items in bag may get wet, you can PAY $4+ for a locker.

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Thank you this actually helps a lot with planning. On our first day We will do all the water rides and MiB with no bag in tow. Mummy, Forbidden Journey, Gringotts, RRR and Hulk we have to rider swap anyway due to height restrictions/some don’t want to ride. Which leaves us with Gringotts…I guess if I have to use a locker 1 time not so bad.

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Re lockers, they really aren’t that much of a problem if you are prepared for them - if fact, I think it would take be more inconvenient to avoid having to use them than actually use them. Even using rider swap, it would be easier to have all of the items you can’t take on the ride in a small bag (that would fit in a locker anyway) for the child and companion to hang on to while the other group rides.

As an example, normally for WDW I have a small insulated backpack as we prefer to to pack our own lunches/drinks than rely on QS, and it is also a hold-all for the rest of the detritus we bring with us. However it does not fit nicely into a free locker, so for UOR we go with a much smaller bag and don’t pack lunches for a quicker in-and-out at the locker area.

Agree, in normal conditions. Except currently (based on reports) it takes an extra 15-20 minutes to do the locker process. Staff only lets a certain number into locker area at a time. That may last for months.

Yes, currently this poses a problem, but hopefully by November when the OP is traveling this will not be as much of an issue.


I am so hoping that by November there will be some relenting of social distancing and mask wearing. I’ve heard the speculations. As a side note we also have a tentative Hollywood Studios day planned for Tuesday November 10th to see GE primarily and I’m hoping we can actually still do that. Also the other biggie for me is seeing Fantasmic. To me, seeing this show is akin to Rapunzel needing to see the floating lights in person. So hoping they will run shows like that. The last 2 times we went to Disney, 1 time show was cancelled due to weather and another we had to leave before it even started bc of an imminent meltdown by one of my children. But if all else fails I’m flexible and maybe we will add Volcano Bay to our trip.

Alternatively, you could keep some small trash bags in your bag. Place your bag inside one during a water ride and then discard it.

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