Help needed with my HS plan please

Had planned to use 3rd FP at 11am to increase odds of picking up GMR FP, now fist Frozen show isn’t till 11:30. I’ve changed everything around but now we aren’t using our 3rd FP till 5:30pm, should I use it earlier? We are planning on being there all day, but want to keep the afternoon light/skipable so my youngest can have a nap in the buggy or at Sci Fi. Not planning to eat at Sci Fi just use it as a rest/nap. Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Is there anything you are really hoping to get as a 4th? I wouldn’t count on extra FP’s for tier 1 selections. It’s possible but its very random lately. Truthfully it’s pretty unlikely that you’d need a FP for either the GMR or Frozen sing along.

Also just because mentioned not eating at Sci Fi just be aware you’ll still need an ADR and while there is no minimum requirement I would guess you’ll be expected to order something. Lots of people go for milkshakes or desserts.

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Thank you, was hoping for GMR as a 4th FP. I have an ADR for Sci Fi at 3:40pm. Was thinking milkshakes and desserts.

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Gmr usually doesn’t need one the line moves quickly but if you get one it might save a few minutes.

I had wanted to do our must do’s and FP’s in the morning, incase we needed to return to the hotel for a rest before fantasmic. However it doesn’t all fit in, and I think for our HS day as we are only going there once, a relaxing ADR might be more restfull than trecking back to the hotel. Though I’m still hesitant about booking our Frozen Fever FP at 5pm, as it’s likely to be my youngest’s favourite. Thanks for taking the time to look at my TP.

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I just re-did our TP for HS after they announced RNR will be down while we are there. That park is the WORST to plan for right now because of all the shows times. Especially if you don’t want to bounce around like a pinball.


If you don’t care about the shows, it’s easy!

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A couple of notes based on our recent experience:
–some of the Touring Plans times seemed a little off to us. E.g, Great Movie Ride took longer than the touring plans estimate of 19 minutes. We did not do Muppets because the Cast Member told us the pre show and show itself combined were almost 30 minutes, and we did not have enough time for that. So I’d be wary about, for example, trying to fit in Great Movie Ride and Toy Story in your morning plan if you want to catch that Little Mermaid show in the morning.
–We got closed out of the Indiana Jones show when it filled to capacity and we arrived about 5-10 minutes before the start of the show. It was not a high crowd level day. So be aware that is a possibility if you are cutting it close on time. It would definitely be safer to plan to arrive at least 15 minutes in advance.
–I’m not sure you are giving enough time for your meals. We thought too that we would not linger at meals, but they always took longer than expected. Even if you only take 45 minutes to eat, we frequently waited around 15 minutes for a table. And at Sci Fi, we waited over 30 minutes, which really put a wrench in our plans.
–Something seems off about your Jedi Training time. It shows 15 minutes at 2:10, when the show is actually scheduled at 2:20?
–With all the show times you need to work around, consider dropping one of your ADRs. You may find you need that time and the ADRs reduce your flexibility.

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Thank you, I’ve been playing around with it for the last couple of hours and I’m going in circles. Between us we want to see & do everything except RnR. We will split up a couple of times and DH can do One Man’s Dream, ToT and probably stunts without us. I’m not leaving enough time before shows. H&V is a must, Sci Fi is there because I’m curious and it looks like a good place for my youngest to nap if it’s raining. It’s our first day in WDW. I’ve moved Frozen back to the morning, while I’m thinking we’ll stay all day, plans could change in the afternoon if we are all knackered.

@dpolletta, @Outer1 How is my TP looking now please?

Well you have a few things that don’t make it in at the end of your day. Also I think you’ll need a bit more time for Fairfax Fare right before Fantasmic. It’s right by the entrance and gets really busy so you might find yourself in line for more than 10 minutes. Plus you normally want to arrive a bit early before the show to get good seats. Even with the dining package in the few minutes before the show they usually take down the rope and let anyone in that area as they assume all package participants have already come in and been seated.

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Looks much better! I agree you should plan to be done with your last attraction by 6:30 to have time to walk to Fantasmic and find a seat. Everyone’s different, but I’ll note that we really enjoyed the Indiana Jones show so you might consider replacing a couple of your early evening attractions with that show. I was also underwhelmed by Tower of Terror so If you can’t fit that in in my opinion that is not a huge loss – I know many others will disagree! I bet you’ll be able to get a 4th fast pass for GMR once you use your morning FPs. Otherwise, I’m doubtful you’ll be able to do both GMR and muppets before your Sci Fi ADR. In general it looks like a good plan to start with!

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Thank you @Outer1, @dpolletta & @sarahraegraham, I do appreciate your help. DH will do ToT and stunts while I do Disney Jn & Frozen. Fairfax Fair is more bathroom break/location point incase we drop Sci Fi. AK TP next but I’m having difficulty deciding which day.

I’ve updated my TP and we are now only doing TSMM once and we are starting with a walk through Launch Pad followed my VOTLM. Thank everyone, I’m happy with this plan, there’s no rushing and the afternoon is flexible.