Help needed to plan a trip: we need a destination!

I don’t know where to put this, but I have a weird situation. I have 2 free round trip tickets to anywhere American Airlines flies. I’m slightly handicapped (I’m on disability and rent scooters when we go to Disney) so I need somewhere I could do that. I also can only fly 6 hours at the most. The catch is we only have until 12-31-18 to complete our travels. Does anyone have an idea of where we could go?

New Zealand is supposed to be beautiful. I’m sure they have scooter rentals available and American Airlines definitely flies there.

How about Tokyo Disney?

So my disability is my heart condition. So I should have added that I need flights 6 hours or under. I would love to do any of the international Disney locations.

Honestly, if the tickets are transferable, I would give them to a family member and buy the US tickets out of pocket. 2 Round trip tickets anywhere in the world would be a waste to use domestic.