Help needed - seperate MDE account for my mum


I just wanted some advice before I do something wrong that I can’t take back. My mum is coming on holiday with us (she has her own reservation) when we go in October. I have her linked on my MDE and have made all the dining/fpp plans. The hubbie and I wanted a date night while we are away and as such I booked us a meal and then my mum and kids a meal earlier (as the timings can’t clash on dining res’s). I have now thought better of it and want to to make a reservation for my mum and kids on her MDE so she can have a later time and there is no issue with scanning magaic bands if I’m not there. My question is, she doesn’t currently have an MDE account. Can I set her one up (using one of my email addresses) and then make these reservations? If I do this I wil have to put her reservation details in, this wont impact anything else I have booked for her will it ? I know normally people would already have their own MDE and then they would invite people to link, as I am doing it the other way round I wanted to make sure everything will still work. Any advice would be very much appreciated!

For several of my ADRs I listed myself as the “person managing the reservation.” My husband is the main name on the acct. I’ve had no trouble doing this. It allows me also to have him separate for ADRs, as we often split up our group into two.

That would be great, can you tell me where I find that option on MDE please. Thank you

When you make the reservation it asks who is managing it. You change it there. You do not have to name the their guests. So you could have grandma manage the reservation.

If you do want to create an separate account for her to be able to login to, go to where you have her listed as friends and family. Click update next to her name and invite her to create an account - it will ask for an email and you can put the email address in you/she would like to use. That email we get a message to set up an account and everything you have already done will stay connected - you won’t have to reconnect anything.

The only other thing to keep in mind is you will need to connect everyone on your account to get new account so that she can see them to make plans for them as well. If you want to go that route and don’t see how, just reply and I can share instructions for that too :slight_smile:


You are a star !! I did as you suggested and invited my mum from the family list, used an alternate email address of mine (so I have complete control :-)) and was able to book dinner at the time she wanted. Thank you so much, my previous plan was to run down to Coral Reef with them at 5.50pm and check them in then get ready for my date night with the hubby and go to our reservation at the Mexican restaurant at 7pm. Now she has her own reservation at 7pm and I can rest easy :slight_smile:

It is not necessary for you to check them in. As long as they have the name and confirmation number they will be seated. I have made reservations for people before in my name when I have not even been in the park. No problems.

Also to book overlapping ADRs you can call Disney or you can right click over the time you want from the restaurant page to open a new window when you are online (browser version only). It will then open a new window and allow overlapping ADRs. The link provided by the touring plan ADR finder also will work as a loophole for double booking.

Glad it worked!