Help needed In planning

Posted this in chat as well but feel there’s more room to comment over here. I’m looking to go to 4 parks in a single day with 2 DD’s & DGD8 coming up in 2 weeks. Tuesday April 11th if that makes a difference. I’ve gathered everyone’s “Must Do’s” and compiled a list. I know I’ll need G+, all the ILL’s, and utilize BG1 for VQ. Trying to come up with a solid way to both plan and execute. Which parks in which order, which order for VQ’s, ILL’s, LL’s. My youngest DD19 is very good with BG1 and MDE so she could help the morning of. Anyone willing to give their experiences or best plan of action. Thanks

Must Do’s : (in no particular order)
@ AK; FoP, KS, KRR
@EP; GoTG, Remy
@HS; ToT, Slinky, FSA

Where are you staying?

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Here’s what I would do if I wasn’t keen to rope drop AK.

Start at MK:

At 7:00 get a BG for Tron
At 7:00 buy ILL for GOTG and FOP
At 7:00 (or anytime before the park opens get a SDD for close to 2:00)

Ride all of the other rides ay MK stand by

At 10:30 get TOT. If it is later than when you will be at HS modify to an earlier time at the 1:17 drop.

At 12:30 get a KS

Get to HS close to 1:45 and ride everything.

At 2:30 get a Remy - or get something at Epcot that you can modify to a Remy at a drop or if one pops up

Head over to AK - ride FOP, KS and KRR standby (or you may be able to get an LL at 4:30 for a pretty imnediate turn around)

Go to Epcot - ride your rides

Monorail back to MK for HEA.


If you have access to extra evening hours it will help immensely.

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Unfortunately we are not staying on property so no early entry or extended evening hours.

If you are not on property, it might be tough to get FoP or GOTG ILL. I think FOP has drops, so you could grab one then if it’s not available at park open.

If GOTG isn’t available at park open via ILL, I’m not sure how you will ride.

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Ambitious plan! I love it, and I hope you report back on how it works out for you afterwards.

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