Help? Need help with HS touring plan

TIA. This is driving me crazy. We’re not sure if my DGSs will want too much of the Star Wars stuff other than the Jedi training. I have an ADR at H&V and hopefully we’ll be able to get them signed up before we eat. I know I should get a FPP for TSM but beyond that I’m not sure which ones to FPP. Also, not sure where to fit in lunch which probably should be around noonish. Don’t know why this one is giving me so much trouble. CL is a 6 for this day.


If you are not doing any other attractions other than what you have listed, I would fastpass TSM, Star Tours, and Indiana Jones. If they are into Buzz and Woody, you could do the meet and greet first thing since that line fills up fast and then have a fastpass for TSM.

You could fit in lunch after Indiana Jones and move Star Tours to after the Star Wars show. When we ate at H&V for breakfast, we weren’t that hungry until 12:30/1.

How old is he?

Need to know how old DGS is.
If 7 or older, DisJr likely to be too young for him. My kids stopped liking it at around 5-6. (Not even doing with with DSs 5&7 in March).
Plan to do TSMM 2x, once at RD, once with FPP. It’s that good.
So FPP: TSMM, Star Tours, ToT if he can handle a little bit of scary excitement
Other attractions to consider adding: The Great Movie Ride (the Alien scene a little scary, so only if he’s old/brave enough), and another show (e.g. Indiana Jones).

The boys are 9&6. No ToT. Hoping to get standby TSM right after breakfast then FPP it. I could do it all day. Indiana Jones is a definite. Think I’ll drop Disney show & give them more time at Launch Pad.

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If you have to sign them up for Jedi trading after breakfast, that would make your TSMM at rope drop tricky. You’ll also need to finish breakfast and try and get ahead of the rope drop crowd for sign up. I think you know that though!

Also if they’re doing Jedi Training I think they need to arrive 30 minutes before the time of the show (I think it’s 30, maybe 20). However if you’re dropping Disney Jnr show that means you can do Muppets earlier and have plenty of time to make Jedi Training. On the way they can see the outside theming of Star Tours.

FPP for Indy, which should be around 11:45 ish for the noon show.

I’d get lunch after Star Tours, to avoid any issues with riding it after lunch lol! So get FPP for Star Tours for 12:45 and then get lunch. After lunch head over to the GMR and you would catch The Galaxy show at 2:30 and I assume they have the March of the Fisrt Order first.

FPP for TSMM afterwards and finish in Launch Bay, which gives you as much time as they want, to meet both characters and look at the exhibits.

With an 8:05 ADR, you can sign up before breakfast.

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As I mentioned in my original post we have the 8:05 ADR at H&V so we can sign them up before breakfast. No ToT or Roller coaster. I just revised the plan.

Depending on their star wars interest, remember that the Star Tours exit takes you through the star wars store. Two young boys that like star wars might want to browse. In the front of that store, there is a station to create your own light saber. We gave in to our 7 yr old. He LOVED it. There is a cm there to guide each kid in how to make it, and put it together and take it apart. Took about 10 minutes for each kid. A line might form. If that’s a special grandparent/ grandsons time/money thing you might want to consider, just sayin’ it’s available as an option, and it’ll take a little time.

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They like Star Wars but not overly enthusiastic. They like movies & shows. Also, I understand Launch Bay has video games which is probably all they’ll care about. They’d probably like the create your own light saber. Thanks for that idea.