Help! Need a workaround to add Friends and Family!

We have a group of four families from different cities going to WDW at the same time. Each family has a lead person on MDE making reservations, etc, but for Memory Maker we made a buffer account (just like a MM share) so each family can log in and download their photos at home later without having to go into each others personal MDE accounts.

BUT unfortunately, we can only get the “lead person” from each family added to the account. When we try any of the “Add friends and family” options (confirmation number, “people you may know”, etc), NONE of them work. We don’t want to miss ride photos. I’ve tried everything. Looks like we may be able to link all the adults, but no kids under 13 (since they don’t have their own MDE accounts to link).

Anybody have experience with this? Disney IT has been categorically unhelpful. HELP!

I think each person needs their own account to use it in this way with a shared account.

Except that kids under 13 aren’t allowed to have an account - how do we make sure that two 12-year-olds riding 7DMT together get their photos in?

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Yea I get what you’re saying I think it’s kind of a catch 22 for using a shared account versus just linking the main people directly. Sorry I’ve never shared with anyone too young for an account.

They might link because they are subs off the primary adult account but you probably have to confirm that with Disney IT.

I’m currently in a MM share that’s about to start and I can see all the adults and kids in the share listed in the shared MDE account. I think I had to invite and confirm both my wife and son (5). My son’s invite just came to my email iirc.

I wonder if Disney IT is trying to take steps to clamp down on MM sharing. Inviting children under 13 to join is simply not an option from our shared account in MDE. Argh. The person-hours I’ve spent trying to solve this are worth WAY more than the money we’re saving by co-ordinating our MM together as a group.

I was able to Add my son by going to My Friends and Family in the dummy account and selecting " + Add a Guest". Then I clicked the “Through his or her Disney reservation” radio button and entered my confirmation number and last name. That brought up all the guests on my MDE account and I invited them from there.

This was just done maybe a week ago so it’s unlikely it’s anything Disney has done.


I did the exact same thing… no dice. :unamused:

You don’t see the kids listed or you can’t invite them?

This might help
Read through the comments and answers too. From what it says you don’t need to add the children for them to be linked. As long as they are selected to be able to view and purchase your photopass photos in the adults regular account and the adults are linked to the shared account it should work fine.

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I was told that anyone who’s profile you manage will have their photos show up if you have MM.

I see them, but when I invite them/add them I get an error message.

Thanks for affirming - that’s what I’ve surmised from the last day of reading about this. And it makes sense - if my kid has photos taken with their MB, but kid doesn’t have an account because I manage them, then those photos will of course show up on MY MDE account… which is accessible to any friends/family in photo pass and can be downloaded by them if they already have a Memory Maker entitlement.