Help my Plan! FP in 15 days

2 adults, 3 children.
19 April. Staying offsite and can’t use EMH.

I have 84 min between Step 13 & 14. What would you do? Don’t want to stray too far because we want to watch the parade in Frontier land. Haunted Mansion is not an option for us. Hall of Presidents is closed during this time. What am I missing? It doesn’t help that Jasmine’s schedule isn’t available yet.

Should I wait until I can select FPs? I have a hunch that I might not be able to get 7DMT when I want it, which might throw off the whole plan. Also, not liking that I have a huge break between fast passes. By the time I use 7DMT, there might not be anymore left. Currently, CL 6 day.

I would plan on riding 7DMT first since you have a pre-rope drop BOG. Everyone will be let in at 7:45 to the park, and then you can head back to BOG. Pre-order food and you will be done by 8:30. Line up for 7DMT right away, you can ride once or twice before the crowds arrive. Then head to Peter Pan before the rope drop crowds get there. That gives you another FPP to use, and also then you can move FPP earlier in the day. You will likely not be able to get FPP for 7DMT at 30 days out, obviously grab it for whatever time you can if available, but the BOG sets you up perfectly for riding early. We did this is January, worked great but we only rode 7DMT once as it was raining pretty hard. Went to PP next and walked on.
As for the time in between step 13 & 14, add the Muppet show which is outside Hall of Presidents. I also don’t see Enchanted Tales with Belle, Mickey’s Philharmagic, or It’s a Small World on your plan. Those would be good to add there.

There’s a good chance you might not get 7DMT for the exact time you want. If you get it earlier in the day it opens up the possibility of 4th+ fastpasses earlier in the day. For our trip we got our Splash fastpass in the middle of our Fantasyland touring and couldn’t get another time for 7DMT to swap them so we just used the railroad to get to Splash and back. We found the railroad was a fun break.

ETWB is in this plan ^. DD6 refuses to do Mickey’s Philharmagic or IASW ever again in the future. She’s a stinker. She didn’t like Donald splashing in Philharmagic and I think the dolls in IASW freak her out. I might

Since I’m not staying onsite, will I be allowed to ride 7DMT or PP prior to the end of the Let the Magic Begin show? Both mornings have EMH from 8-9am. Maybe I could luck out and do both like you did! that would be ideal - then I could swap the FP for something else!

Oops, missed that it is an EMH morning. I don’t know if you will be able to ride, I assumed it was a non-EMH day. Hopefully someone else will know if they scan bands at the rides during morning EMH (they didn’t used to, they would scan when coming in park. I think they scan at the entrances to the lands now?).

During your free time maybe you can visit Rapunzel’s tower across from Peter Pan and look for 10 pascals & follow Maximus hoof prints…they lead somewhere! Also grab a snack before you head to the Festival of Fantasy parade.

You would have time to play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom in one of the lands during that time. Depending on the ages of the kids, maybe one of you do that with interested kids and the other adult do something else with another?

I think they only scan at the entrances to the lands, and not the individual rides - in the AM for EMH. PM EMH they scan at the ride. But, before I get all gungho about this potential perk, I REALLY need to know! It would be a significant mistake if it didn’t work according to plan.

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@desire499mike you mean there is something else to do near Rapunzel’s tower besides the bathroom? I hadn’t noticed. Please elaborate! LOL

@Nickysyme tell me more about Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. I have heard the term, but I know nothing about it.

Sorcerers is an interactive game, in which you take on Disney villains. You collect a pack of cards from the fire station in town square, and can choose the land you want to play. You then find the hidden portals, stand on the spot and hold your card up to the portal to hear the next part of the story and get another clue. You do have a map too that shows where the portals are to help.

Great fun. You can play each land and when you complete all of them it gets harder. You would have time to play one, maybe two lands. Depending on when you go, I think you can pick up your second pack in Liberty Square somewhere.

I think we’ll check it out! Thanks so much!

They will explain it when you collect the cards. We had to play the first portal at a window almost right beside the fire station to get started, and it then gives the first clue for the land you requested. So you might want to do that first before you head off down main st if you can remember the clue!

That was 4 years ago, don’t know if that’s still the case. Enjoy!

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Yes, there are 10 pascals scattered around the Rapunzel tower area! (there are some by the pond, on the building facades, etc) Also, on the pathway look for Maximus hoof prints because they lead to apples. We only discovered about 7 of the pascals…but it was fun trying! I also heard about Flynn Riders bag being by the bathrooms but not sure on that. Anyway it is definitely a fun area!

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