Help me with my plans!

Hi all! I am going for the first time over the holidays and am having a tough time finalizing my plans before my fastpass day in a few weeks. I have come up with an idea so far, but am having a tough time finding a good place to fit in time at Disney Springs. I also can’t really move any reservations around - I am set at eating at those restaurants and have had a hard time moving them to different days!!

Please let me know what you think and feel free to give me your ideas on what days to visit what parks!!! (ps we do have the park hopper). One thing I am considering is switching MK/EP on Monday and Wednesday since Monday at EMH at night at MK. We arrive on Thanksgiving and leave the following Friday, just two adults

Plan 1

Thursday (Thanksgiving)
-dinner at HDDR

-sleep in
-late afternoon/evening at Epcot

-check in at CBR
-morning/afternoon at Epcot
-afternoon/evening at MK
-dinner at BOG at 7:25

-AK all day
-breakfast at Tusker House at 10:10

-Epcot all day
-breakfast at Trattoria al Forno at 10:15

-sleep in
-lunch at WCC at 2:05

-sleep in
-Ohana breakfast at 11:45
-MK rest of day

-MK until close (4:30)
-dinner at Ohana at 4:55

-MK open to early afternoon
-lunch at BOG at 12:15
-go home :frowning:

What do you want to do at Epcot?

You’ve got a lot of time there depending what you want to do?

And you don’t seem to have Hollywood Studios on your plan. Which is very close to Epcot?

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Which hotel are you staying at?

I love the holidays, and since this is my first time going around then, I want to have time to take it all in and explore. I’ve been debating on a night at HS for the holiday stuff, but other than that I would much rather spend my time at the other parks.

We are at Best Western LBV the first two nights and CBR the rest of the week.

I think Epcot is great in the evening

We love it and go there for several meals each holiday which also allows us to visit the countries whilst we are there etc

In terms of rides in the rest of the park you will only need half a day to do that

So that’s my only advice really - to consider dining in Epcot 2 or 3 times in the evening which I think would free you up for a whole day at other parks looking at your schedule

If you like good food the Hollywood brown derby is great in Hollywood studios and an evening in the park and dining there would be a nice way to do HS

There’s also a boat that takes you from epcot to Hollywood studios which is a nice journey

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It’s all a matter of personal preference, but for me, a day and a half is all I need at MK. DHS is certainly my least favorite park on the whole, but ToT, RnRC, and ST are three of my favorite rides, and HBD is one of my favorite in-park restaurants. There are also the PM shows. I would probably “trade in” one of my MK evenings for DHS, or perhaps hop there after you leave MK at 4:30. Ohana is good, but I would certainly choose HBD over it for the food.

My only comment would be that you are going to Magic Kingdom the last four days of your trip. We prefer to mix it up a little more, so we would definitely throw another park in on the Wednesday or Thursday. We also wouldn’t necessarily do 'Ohana two days i a row, but if that’s what your family wants then it’s all good. :grin:

I agree I wouldn’t eat anywhere twice in the same holiday

So many places and different experiences to try

I’m thinking of switching my parks for Monday and Wednesday to switch it up a little more. I LOVE MK, which is why I have a lot of time there obviously.

As for Ohana, I’ve never eaten there before! I don’t usually do two of the same restaurant, but Lilo and Stitch is my absolute favorite (which is why I wanted to try breakfast there) and I have heard good things about dinner!

I’m also considering switching Epcot on Friday for either AK or HS. Good idea? Bad idea?