Help me with Christmas Day at Universal

My family (including grandparents and my brothers family) will be at Universal ON Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I would like to book a restaurant that feels “Nice” or Christmas-y for that evening. Do you have any suggestions?

Also, if you have any tips for special things we shouldn’t miss while there on Christmas, please let me know!

The resort restaurants have special Christmas dinners. They are listed near the end of this article.

I would sign up for updates to know when you can reserve:

Here is that link:

I don’t know if they do this every year, but I was there in December 2019 and they had a Christmas tree hunt. They have several elaborately decorated Christmas trees throughout the parks and CityWalk. You could pick up a sheet and get a stamp every time you visited one of the trees on the list. If you turned in a fully stamped sheet, you got a gift. I had assumed that the gift would be some little throwaway item, but I actually got a very cute Minions ornament!

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Yes it’s in the article that they had it last year.

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