Help me remember the name of this DD Restaurant!

Okay, there was a restaurant in Downtown Disney…I THINK it had a campground motif to it with Mickey Mouse. I know we went there in 2007, but I don’t know when it was torn down…I think around the time the McDonald’s was done away with. It was towards the side where Earl of Sandwich, Disney Co-Op, etc. is. In fact, it might have been where the Disney Co-Op is today. It was a buffet-style quick-service with a lot of browns, oranges, etc. Help!

Doesn’t sound familiar.

Cap’n Jack’s? Of course, it doesn’t really meet your criteria.

I don’t think that’s it, Ryan. Ugh…I remember eating some Mexican-flavored foods…rice, chicken, sour cream…but not outright tacos. Sorry I’m being so vague.

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Try Googling “2007 Downtown Disney Map” and looking at the images that come up. I didn’t see any restaurants from around then that sounded like a match, but it may jog your memory!

I just did the same thing and also came up blank.

Sounds a little like a mix-up of Bongo’s Cuban Cafe with the Team Mickey Athletic Club?

Bongo’s would match the food, but it would be a very far stretch to call it in any way “camping” in theme, and I don’t think Micky is anywhere.

Maybe Wolfgang Puck Café? It’s in the right general area, it does have a lot of brown and orange (although definitely not camping) and the CA cuisine could easily have had Mexican inspired dishes…

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Sounds like Pollo Campero, a Latin grilled chicken place that has a few other locations in Florida. It replaced McDonald’s when their sponsorship agreement lapsed. It was right about where the Uniqlo store is now.


That’s it!!! Thank you so much. I had almost convinced myself it was a dream! :slight_smile:

I only remember it because I thought it was Pollo Tropical, which is all over these parts, and there was the usual hooting and shrieking about something wholesomely and purely All-American like McDonald’s being replaced by weird foreign food that no one would eat.

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Moderator!!! The cat just called me weird foreign!!!


Which one of those words do you deny? :rofl:

“Weird foreign” modifies the noun “food,” and in the years I’ve known you, you’ve never considered yourself food. When did that start?

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Neither! But I do like to keep the moderators employed and informed at all times! :grin:


Oh so I try the same dumb mindless misguided pitchfork bearing pearl clutching “Patriotism” that you mention occurred over paper thin hamburgers and potato paste play-do fries and I’m not the sane one???

Um…no. I mean you’re generally not considered edible, and to my knowledge you’ve never been offered on a quick service menu. So the food may be weird and foreign, but you’re not.


I’m surprised you’d say that Señor Gatito! My cats find me quite edible and find all humans to be on the menu!