Help me please- reservation for renter

I have rented out my points for 1 night. I have made the reservation in my name to ensure I have locked in the date the renter was asking for. I now need to place the renter’s name on the reservation and provide a reservation # for them. My question is, how do I, or can I remove my name from the reservation as “Adult 1?” Do I just add the renters as guest 2 and 3? I will not be going on this trip with them… unfortunately. Please help.

Pretty sure you can just modify the guest names to theirs.

It will let me modify my address, phone # etc. but not my name.

You can’t change the lead name yourself.

If you can get on Chat with MS you can ask them, or call them.

You could leave yourself on it I guess, if that doesn’t put them over occupancy, but I think that means the magic bands would come to you.

I have found the easiest way is to do it through chat. I would add the renter as guests and then just tell chat you are removing yourself and having another member on the reservation as the lead.


Is this the situation where you don’t mention that any payment has been made for the point rental when you’re on the phone with the cast member? Sort of a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy?

Chat is easier.

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That would be if you’re transferring points. Renting is specifically permitted, no issues there.

That said whenever I did a chat I always referred to them as “my friends” rather than “renters”.

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Follow @PrincipalTinker’s advice - at the end of the day you do not want to be listed as the Lead or other Guest. This will allow the renter to add the reservation to their MDE, get MBs, etc.

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