Help me plan my park days!

So just off a trip a few weeks ago I’m now getting ready to make my park reservations for my April trip. We will be arriving April 19 (we have the 7 am flight so should be on property by 11-12 pm) and leaving April 23 (DME approx 2pm).
Usually the first day we would head to the park open the latest, but I am thinking of AK that day. It’s a half day park for us, and I’d like to try to do dinner at yak and yeti after closing. It’s also going to be a LONG day so I’d like to relieve the pressure of being at a park late, and be able to get everyone in bed early and get a good nights sleep.

We always do MK x 2 so I think at least one full day and then a half day on our departure date.
So that is
AK Monday

MK Friday.

So what days would you do the other MK/HS/Epcot.

I’m also wondering if I even want to do a full day at Epcot- or maybe just hop there in the afternoons after swimming (Staying at CBR)




We are supposed to be going the same week. I am so sad it probably won’t happen. But this is about your week. I would go to MK on Tuesday, EP on Wednesday, and HS on Thursday. with the PH, may be inclined to hop to EP and do two days at HS, but I have teens. Lastly, since you were just there you can really do whatever you want. What is DD’s favorite, your’s and DH’s?

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We figured things out. Since EP is open late and we are staying at CBR and have the skyliner, we are going to skip that park and just hop there in the afternoons after swimming. I don’t have a huge need to travel around the WS, and DD6 just wants to ride Soarin and TT, so we may pop over one or two nights for snacks/dinner and to ride a few rides.

So we’re going to do AK monday, MK tues/thur and HS wed/ half day friday (again skyliner will make it easy to get back to the hotel and hit DME).