Help me plan my night

Because DH won’t :roll_eyes: He gets stressed and mad when I try to get his opinion soooo can you all help me?

I want to change around our last park day. It’s at MK and I already have the dessert party booked. I also have Chef Mickey at 12:30, but I think I want to change this.

I would like to now do bibbidi boppity boutique and eat at Cinderella’s castle. Both have tons of openings so this should be an easy switch but I can’t figure out a good time to book. I also want to see the 3 pm parade…

What time should we do bibbidi boppity and what time should we do CRT?

Oh I should add, I want to sleep in this day so that we have the energy to stay til park close. So I want to arrive as late as possible to do this :blush:

Can you do an 11:00 BBB and 12:30 or 1:00 CRT?

I booked a noon BBB and 1:15 CRT. Think that’ll work?

I am sure you will be fine. I am a worrier and always allow for way too much time.


I’ve never done BBB before. Does it take longer than an hour?

Do you have any idea what package?

You are describing me. I drive my family crazy when I allow extra time and then still worry.

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Depends on package but also if they are running late.

Hi! Just saw these responses. I want to do the full sha-bang. What is the ideal time for CRT after the noon ressie for BBB? I can do a reservation finder…thanks!