Help me plan it. MK AM +6

Here’s the deal. Me and my two boys (9 and 6) will get one planned morning to do whatever we want at MK. They both meet all height requirements, and both love coasters. So I want to get on as many as we can! Here are the dets to work off:

Date: Monday, July 15, 2019 (park hours open at 9 currently) - CL is currently 8

  • End time: Must meet up with the girls at CRT for our check in @ 11:50am (nothing after)
  • Must use up the 3 fast passes so we can use a 4th for a show at a different park that night.
  • Going on rides multiple times is fine
  • Leaving one off is ok as well.

Rides to consider

Let’s see what you got!

Rope Drop:

Splash Mountain (9 am)
7 DMT (10 am)
Space (11 am)

Do the others if you have time.

Fast Pass times don’t work.

RD: Space (can ride twice if line ok) and then BLSRS (can ride multiple times). Then Barn (optional).

FPP: 7DMT (1st, before you go to the other side of the park) and then BTM/Splash (order doesn’t matter).

Couple options:

  1. RD Space, then Buzz, then Barn, then 7DMT (9:30 FP), then Splash (10:30 FP), then BTM (11:30 FP).

  2. RD BTM, then Splash, then Space (9:30 FP), then Buzz (10:30 FP), then Barn, then 7DMT (11:30 FP)