Help me plan a Tour

Okay Liners. I have 7 hours with a plaid.

The players:

4 adults
3 girls (2, 4, 6)

We have BOG breakfast to start the day, and our guide will meet us at the restaurant at 9:30am on a 9am park opening day.

This is my VERY loose plan:

Magic Kingdom:
Seven Dwarves Mine Train
Peter Pan

Hop to Epcot (bear in mine they go backstage, so I was told it was approx 15-25 minutes to parkhop)

Ride Frozen Ever After
Meet Anna & Elsa

Hop to DHS, TSL.
Slinky Dog Dash
Alien Swirling Saucers
Midway Mania

Maybe mobile order some food in there…

Hop to Animal Kingdom, go straight to Pandora, then hit Dino Land…

And I figure by this point we will be at the 7 hour point. Have already arranged evening FPs in AK.

They have FPP for many character meets the rest of the week. The idea is for the parents we are with to get a bit of a break and ride things they couldn’t otherwise. (And they didn’t plan until very recently…)

It’s a friend of my DH, and their kids. DH and I are playing auntie and uncle for the day.

I already have strollers lined up, and car seats.

I also wanted to have a small gift for the girls (so throw me ideas!!) when we meet them, and DH and I picking up the tab for this whole experience. (Becaus we can, and because the world needs some good juju…plus it’s fun to play fairy godparents!!!)

I haven’t been to WDW with littles, so I am open to any and all suggestions.

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How about Mickey ears with their names on them?

The whole things sounds great!

My girls are 1 & 3 and play with their Little Mermaid bubble wand every day.

Also my biggest advice with kids that age is just be flexible. 7 hours of touring is pretty long for a 2 year old, especially in the July heat!