Help me plan a plaid tour

We are going March 19-26 6 adults.
This is the trip I would like to secure a plaid tour day. Usually we are rd to noon, head back at 5, dinner, close.
I would love to do 3-4 parks hitting all headliners (except tot…no one likes it), epcot is the 1 park we will be in enough that I’m not worried VIP tour there.
What day would you pick? I have Wed at MK reserved. We can start in park right? When do I book and where(is it commisoniable and should I have a travel agent do)? Is there a DVC discount? Have you done this? What rides did you do? Open to 6-8hrs tour but could do longer. We have 7 day PH so this will not be the only time we will be in each park. I am just overwhelmed w genie and 'll etc. Thank you!!

There have been many recent plaid reports on TP’s WDW Chat.

Yes you can start in a park. I would book it myself. Call as soon as you can, 60 days ahead. (Plus 10, so take advantage of that since you are booking during spring break. They book fast.)