Help me pick my 2018 dates

Want to get an idea of our 2018 trip dates (we can book our rooms now since we stay offsite and use points the earlier the better). Our most recent trip end Sept/beg Oct was “too hot” for my husband (high 80’s / low 90’s). I am thinking of trying April next time since I prefer it still be warm enough to use the pool. April 2018 has Easter at the 1st so im guessing that whole first week will be bad. It looks like Star wars marathon will be 18th-22nd (not sure if crowds are effected a few days before/after). Would love any suggestions on what should be the lowest crowd levels of the month for a 7 or 8 days trip (we usually fly mid-week to mid-week). Have no idea if there is anything else typical in
april (thinking all springs breaks are usually prior to easter?) Thanks for any advice/opinions!

No, not necessarily. Spring breaks will go at least 3 weeks into April. Many schools don’t get out until middle/late June, so a late April spring break is normal. We love the weather in April, it is usually warm but not too humid/hot. I think the first week will be the busiest with Easter, and also the Star Wars weekend will be pretty packed and hard to get around the resort so I would avoid those two. The lowest crowds will likely be just after the Star Wars marathon, so maybe I would plan 4/24-5/1. My second choice from those dates would be around 4/10-18 as there are no holidays and it is before the marathon crowds poor in. Good luck deciding!

I haven’t been to Disney in April since 2008 for my honeymoon. I remember rainy, cool days mixed with warmer days. We are doing the first full week of May in 2018 since we heard it was good weather and decent crowds.

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ok thanks for the advice - guess I will shoot for the last week of April or 1st week of May

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