Help me pick a TS in Epcot!

If you are adventurous eaters do something besides pizza. I loved Chefs de France and Spice Road Table. Both had very good entrees and desserts.

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My personal favorite is not on your list - Biergarten; very authentic food, great atmosphere, and fun entertainment. Now, about your list:

  1. Despite @profmatt’s contrary review, I have always loved the pizza at VN (this from someone who grew up on “NY” pizza and have had some of the best Chicago has to offer). If I want Italian food that isn’t pizza, I prefer Tutto Italia

  2. La Hacienda has very good Mexican food, and the atmosphere is nice, but nothing special. The food at San Angel isn’t quite as good, but the atmosphere is one of the best in WDW.

  3. I’ve only had lunch at Les Chefs, but I found it overly crowded and noisy, the CMs to be less than friendly, and the food merely “OK”. I haven’t brought myself to try it for dinner yet. Although “signature” and quite expensive, I think Monsieur Paul has some of the best food in WDW.

  4. Marrakesh is beautiful inside. The apps and desserts are very good, the entrees disappointing. But I’ve had excellent home-cooked Moroccan food, so I might be a bit jaded. Spice Road has some very tasty food. I went when it was just “small plates”, and to get enough to make a full dinner, it became very expensive. I understand the menu has has since changed, so this might not be a factor anymore.

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Isn’t that authentic French?! :open_mouth:


What do you recommend there? I have a reservation.

I was just going to say that!!

Reminds me of Paris last summer…ahh

I’d like to help, but it’s been most of 4 years, and like most signatures, the menu changes seasonally…

We also were not impressed with VN. I’m American, but have lived in Italy. The service was not great for us either. No one in my family is asking to go back there.

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if you want to do a little “research” DFB just had a great review of all of the TS restaurants at EP


I just watched this video yesterday! It was helpful. Thanks for sharing.

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DH and I love Spice Road Table. We’ve always had great service there and we love Mediterranean food. We can get great Italian food where we live and so VN has never been on our short list. I enjoyed Marrakesh as well. I always look at the menus and see what looks like it’ll appeal to my family the most. I’ve got a lot of dietary restrictions, so that factors into my choices alas well. Not sure if that helps.

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Looking at the menus is really key. LH is quite good, but that is also a function of what you have “at home”. When I lived in San Diego I may not have been impressed; now living in Pensacola, it’s excellent. TE is no better (or worse) than any number of other teppanyaki restaurants that I’ve been to; we have an excellent one about 5 miles from where we live, so TE rarely makes it to my ADR plan. Our local $8 a plate Chinese takeout is as good (or BETTER) than 9 Dragons, so that never makes it to my list. Of the Moroccan selections, I rate then from best to worst: Spice Road, Tangerine, and Marrakesh (but I’ve had really good home-cooked Moroccan food, so I’m kind of judgmental, on this). I’m not sure why someone would go to R&C when you could go to RR in DS - so much better for food. drink, and entertainment. BG is hands down one of the best options for authentic food. great beer and fun entertainment (my mother was 100% German, so I have some background in this).

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