Help me pick a TS in Epcot!

My family are pretty adventurous eaters and we are trying to decide between the following restaurants at Epcot:

Chefs de France
La Hacienda de San Angel
Spice Road Table
Via Napoli

View of Illuminations is not a factor for us. Just trying to decide which would have the best food and ambiance. We will be there over the holidays and our other plans in Epcot for other meals already include Akershus breakfast, Festival of the Holidays booths around the world, Tangierine Cafe and Sunshine Seasons.

With those plans already made, I think I’d choose Via Napoli. Great ambiance and a nice difference from what you’re already eating.

Thanks! I think it looks yummy there! It is at the top of my list, but my husband keeps leaning toward Marrakesh.
Would you recommend the pizzas or the entrees at Via Napoli? I see so many items that look good on that menu.


I know, I’m no help.


Hahaha - that would mean it is a win no matter which I pick :slight_smile:

I sure think so. :smiley:

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I agree, Via Napoli would be a great choice. The pizza is excellent in my opinion. We also shared a salad and it was great as well.

I’m with DH Marrakesh. We went many years ago they had a band and dancers. So it was more then just a meal for us. This trip we are going to Biergarten because we only had one night in Epcot if we had two we would had went with Marrakesh.

We’ve been to Marrakesh and via Napoli. Not sore how much Marrakesh overlaps with tangerine cafe? I’d still lean towards via Napoli. We liked Marrakesh but don’t know if it would be at the top to hit again next trip. We did via Napoli twice in a week, once for lunch and once for dinner. For lunch, family of 5 shared the 20" cheese pizza. For dinner, we shared the 1/2 meter rectangle cheese pizza, plus calamari and bread. Wish I’d been able to try a salad too. Via Napoli will be a must on all return trips for our family.

We always try to stay away from cuisine that we can find easily at home so have never been interested in the Mexican or Italian restaurants at Epcot. I understand that many people rave about them but cheese pizza is not on the top of our list.


Loving all the feedback. We like to try new things and have the same thinking as above that we want to try things we can’t really get at home, but also hear so many good things about Via Napoli that we thought we could give it a try. So torn!! Anyone have any experience in Spice Road versus Marrakesh? And no love for Chefs de France? I do think the menu there is probably the least appealing though.

Isn’t it funny how people can have such different experiences.

I thought VN was awful. Really bad. Incredibly noisy and over salty, unimpressive, overpriced pizza. I will not go again.

I had disappointing experiences in other restaurants, but I’m willing to give them a second chance. But VN? It’s one and done for me, I’m afraid.

It doesn’t fit with your list of targets, but the one TS we keep coming back to over and over in WS is Biergarten. Big fans.

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My theory is that you think this because you live in Europe and probably have access to pretty good authentic Italian pizza. I live in Spain, but can get great pizza from the local pizza restaurant run by a nice Italian couple from Rimini. And so I would never waste a precious EP meal at VN.

(For the record, I’m American and I also love Pizza Hut pizza, but probably because it reminds me of my hildhood).

There’s some truth in that. The finest pizza I ever tasted was at a restaurant (not a touristy place) in Paris. Just incredible flavour and subtlety. And it went great with a couple of glasses of red wine.

The problem with Pizza Hut — and McDonald’s, actually — in the UK is that they’ve taken all the flavour out in the name of healthy eating. So they’ve cut down on the salt and the fat and now they taste of nothing.

But I like American pizza — deep pan, full of toppings, delicious. I just thought the pizza at VN was no good, plain and simple.

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La Hac was AMAZING!

The only reason this one isn’t on the list is because we have an excellent German restaurant we frequent near our home. Otherwise this would be at the top for sure!

I feel like that one gets so much love and so much hate. I LOVE Mexican food. Could seriously eat it every day. What’s your favorite dish there?

I agree - it is crazy how different everyone’s experiences can be. That’s what makes the decisions so hard! The internet is full of so many reviews and opinions that it makes it tough to get a true understanding without simply trying a place for yourself. I just had to ask for liner feedback though as it’s onebof the few places I truly trust :wink:. We have a lot of local Italian restaurants in our town, but I would say it is still pretty Americanized food.

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I’ve never heard that one get hate. I’ve heard San Angel get mixed reviews. And the QS is disgusting. But La Hac just seems to be one that is overlooked, not hated on.

We dined there last week. The flautas were amazing. The chips were fresh and hot with really tasty salsa. I had the shrimp tacos which were delicious. My husband had empanadas and black beans and loved them. My son had cheese quesadilla and devoured it. And my very picky daughter enjoyed the grilled chicken breast.
Nothing to hate on there!

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