Help me pick a time for Oga’s

Monday is my dining reservation day! I’m so excited. But I can’t figure out what time to schedule for Oga’s Cantina.

We will eat breakfast at Hollywood & Vine PPO and hope to do Jedi Training’s first session.

We plan to fast pass Star Tours at 10 am and then enter Galaxy’s Edge. We plan to ride both rides and eat lunch at Docking Bay.

It’s so hard to guesstimate since RotR is so new. I’m thinking either 2:30 for Oga’s (then go home for a break). Or should I do 11 am which would probably be right after Millenium Falcon and then worry about RotR later??? What would you do?

DH is driving me crazy. I keep asking his advice and he is getting mad saying he doesn’t want to stress about it and figure it out when we get there. I told him we can’t ‘figure it out when get there because we need a reservation’ and he said he doesn’t think so. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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We ended up with Oga’s as an “after dinner drink” thing after our dinner ADR, which was sci fi diner. That worked out well. I think our dinner was around 5 and the Oga’s was 7:30 so that allowed plenty of time.

If you want to leave for an afternoon break, I’d do Oga’s around lunchtime. With the amount of unpredictability around MF and ROTR, I’d want to get my reserved stuff finished. Then you can go straight from one ride to the other after lunch, without worrying about when you’re supposed to be at Oga’s. And once you’ve ridden, you can waltz out of the park for your break.

We did Oga’s at 8:30 p.m. after having taken a break and having had dinner in Epcot and before the nighttime Star Wars Galactic Experience at 10 p.m.

On another half day at HS, the guys went to Oga’s at noon and then did a little more touring. This was before RotR and during EEMH, so we had been in the park by 6 a.m. both days.

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I booked for evening so I can see the land at night. Figure I will be in there during the day easily so wanted something to do there in the evening.

I booked ogas for 3:55, we already have lunch at sci fi booked for 11:45, I figure around 4 we will be ready for a break/drink pre-dinner, surprisingly, ogas has plenty of availability, I just added it on a whim yesterday for 5/14/20, way past the the 180 day mark, and I had my pick of time slots

I second that seeing the land at night is worthwhile. It was very beautiful lit up!


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I appreciate all your feedback! I am limiting us to only be in Star Wars land in the morning /early afternoon. Then break. Then come back for Launch Bay and Fantasmic. We have two little kids so we won’t be trekking back over that way in the evening.

Oga’s cantina is definitely worth it. We’re not big SW fans and I booked it mostly for my friend who was coming with us. It turned out to be one of the best things we did! Kids love the fun drinks.


I just got home, and we did Oga’s 3 times —9am, 2:30pm, and 9pm. Of those, 9am was by far the best experience — much, much less crowded and hectic, servers seemed more relaxed, more room to walk around and check the space out, etc. So if you don’t mind a morning drink (or aren’t drinking at all), I would 100% go for a morning time.